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    Yes.......... you caught me going through your archive blogs. I hope that the UK rose to a higher spot 2 years later, if you posted anymore of these types of blogs, i shall see and compare.
  2. Midgar Mist's Avatar
    :love: (you deserved at least one comment on this one)
  3. Ayen's Avatar
    You offering?
  4. Slothy's Avatar
    smurf Ayen.
  5. Ayen's Avatar
    Will Ayen agree, though? He is a strange and unusual creature. Who rates FFX over MGS? The nerve of that guy!
  6. Slothy's Avatar
    Mario 3 is better than any 2D Sonic game so yeah, I know where this is headed.
  7. Ayen's Avatar
    But Thanksgaming is in November!

    Mario has two concussive victories over Sonic at Thanksgaming! Can Sonic finally pull an upset victory over the Italian Plumber? Or will Mario come out of Thanksgaming 3 - 0?
  8. Slothy's Avatar
    Damn that's a fine line up.

    But Thanksgiving was in October. Silly American.
  9. Slothy's Avatar
    smurf voices in your head.
  10. Ayen's Avatar
    Well then, stay active. I have a whole thread in the Gaming board you can rummage through.
  11. Formalhaut's Avatar
    So this was the secret thing you were telling us about! I'm so excited! I've always been a fan of your reviews (at least, when I'm active ) so I'll be eager to see what you have in store for us.
  12. Ayen's Avatar
  13. Karifean's Avatar
    It was a ruse!
  14. Ayen's Avatar
    You'll like my surprises
  15. Slothy's Avatar
    Surprises are the worst. Even worse than Shorty.
  16. Karifean's Avatar
    What a cliffhanger.
  17. Shorty's Avatar
    Excellent! Branching into a new direction is always exciting.
  18. Formalhaut's Avatar
    I hate surprises! But I will be keeping a beady eye on that forum.
  19. Karifean's Avatar
    I can sort of empathize with the people you're complaining about, but if you don't enjoy FF XIII in its early parts you probably don't enjoy its very fundamental basis, so continuing to play is a waste of time.
  20. Ayen's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Wolf Kanno
    At least finish the tutorial.
    All I can think about in the first panel is Tommy Wiseau from The Room going: "Dey betrayed me! Dey didn't keep their promise! Dey are using me! And I am the ful."
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