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  1. Favorite Game Characters: Shadow

    When I sat down to replay FFVI this year, I expected something new, as I decided to play through what was, essentially, a text / difficulty hack of the game, but the only thing I really came away with was the thing I least expected: a new a favorite character.

    Shadow (Final Fantasy VI)

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    So, what changed here? Well, let's start with what didn't change: Shadow is a lot of fun to play with, and he's been tied for my favorite ...
  2. Awesome Games You Should Know About: RosenkreuzStilette

    Sometimes I realize the amusing state of the Mega Man franchise, where the company doesn't particularly care about it, but fans and other developers (or the original dev) still do. It has created a franchise where fans are making better unofficial releases than Capcom is official ones, and, I have to say, I'm pretty okay with that. In fact, I'm so okay with it that I want to share one of these fan games with all of you today:


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  3. Favorite Game Characters: Aisha

    Pumpkin's Character Appreciation posts reminded me of the old 'Favorite Game Character' thread, which was a lot of fun, so I figured I'd follow in her footsteps. So . . . glory to the olden times and good ideas! Let's kick this off with probably the newest person I could put on this list:

    Aisha (Romancing SaGa)

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    In a way it is hard to pick a favorite character from the original Romancing SaGa, as the majority of the game's events that ...
  4. Days of PokePast - The Wonderful Art of Pokemon Generation 1

    The Wonderful Art of Pokemon Generation 1

    I love Pokemon Gen 1. I loved it when it came stateside in '98, and I love it still now, nearly two decades later. It is a strange, almost experimental feeling set of titles, defined by many odd quirks, bugs, and choices the developers ironed out in subsequent generations, and because of this, it, more so than any other generation in the series, has a distinct ...
  5. Days of PokePast - Top and Bottom Pokemon of Gen 1

    Heyyyy, I found my way back to the blog section again finally, and DAMN did I fail my original goal! I even forgot everything I had intended to say about the Gen 1 games after I finished Yellow again. Man, I'm so awesome. >: D

    That said though, I've always felt bad that I stated my intention to do something in this space and then simply ignored it right afterwards, especially since I did play through Pokemon Yellow again specifically for better perspective on the first generation. ...
  6. Days of PokePast - An Introduction

    You know, I always see this blog button at the top of the site and have that odd urge to do something with it. Unfortunately, I am also constantly gripped by the general inability to come up with anything interesting to write about, since, as it turns out, I'm a pretty damn boring guy, something maybe a bit less than facilitative.

    But you know what's not boring?

    At least, assuming you enjoy the games to any extent that is, otherwise they are, I imagine, ...
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