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  1. Rez09's Avatar
    The scene with Cyan and his son fishing got me pretty hard too. ; -;
  2. Karifean's Avatar
    Completely agreed. Shadow is the one who stood out to me the most when I played this game, and my view of him changed a lot when I learned his backstory. That last screenshot you posted is the one time FF VI actually hit me in the feels.
  3. FFNut's Avatar
    I've never looked at Shadow that deep before. Great read!
  4. Pumpkin's Avatar
    Oh my. Still seems pretty interesting though
  5. Rez09's Avatar
    I don't know about the remake, but you sadly don't see it doing much in the original game other than determining the path you take at the end of the game, which is kind of sad. I did end up going to hell once, though.
  6. Pumpkin's Avatar
    I am excited to try this series and I like her design a lot. The deciding your character's morality system seems pretty interesting :o
  7. Ayen's Avatar
    This got me wanting to play Pokemon again.
  8. Shauna's Avatar
    oh my god wigglytuff what happened
  9. Freya's Avatar
    Damn Mew, what happened to your head.