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  1. ham's Avatar
    I'm glad I caught this post! I'm rooting for you. I'm an older student myself trying to start my career in accounting. It definitely feels strange and weird but over time it does get easier when you meet people who are in that same category.
  2. Christmas's Avatar
    Dun give up buddy! I got a military job straight after high school and did part time college (Cuz I was broke and got poor results). Tried to get some jobs that I wanted but got shrugged as people prefer full time college graduate from an elite school. It was quite depressing but I learnt not to chase for success but instead on fulfillment as I realized happiness should not be contingent upon the former. Somehow time passed and I landed in an organization much better than those that I wanted.

    Take care and punch your Ex-Deaths if you feel the need to.

    Fulfillment is a state of being while success is merely an outcome - From some guy I read off the internet.
  3. Lone Wolf Leonhart's Avatar
    I'm happy, too. Thank you.

    Maybe i'm still riding the wave of the new year, but I feel pretty content. I'm striving to achieve goals but i'm not unhappy without having finished them.
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  5. Psychotic's Avatar
    thanks bud and I'm glad you're happy
  6. Karifean's Avatar
    I am~ have a great day!
  7. Galuf's Avatar
    Thanks. Well... i guess its good i dont need to worry about college for now.

    as for my dad..... yeah im smurfed
  8. Shauna's Avatar
    I'm sorry to hear things didn't go so well today - but don't give up. We're here if you need us.
  9. Galuf's Avatar
    Should i just erase this blog?
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    Best of luck, mate.
  11. Galuf's Avatar
    Gulp. here we go :scared:
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    Perhaps. but im nowhere near smart enough for university. (also if im having trouble getting to this college... uni is gonna be impossible) but say i manage to get good, ill maybe if i can go there or whatever lol. sorry. thank you
  13. Night Fury's Avatar
    If you're serious about game design, Northumbria University in Newcastle offers a really great course! And we also have the Ubisoft Reflections studio here, could be something to look into for your future
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    Thank you so much guys. You just wanna make me succeed even more.
    if i can pull this off i think most of my stress will go away. Ill be so glad. Ofcourse what comes after is harder. But it is what i wanted to do always. Game making. If i fail i fail. But i werent very good at much else. Plus apparently i have a good imagination so i hope thats true. Again thanks.
    Updated 02-02-2016 at 01:23 AM by Galuf
  15. Pumpkin's Avatar
    You can do it Galuf! And good on your for taking the first steps, that's not always easy. We're all here for you
  16. FFNut's Avatar
    Like Night said, we are all here for you and will help if needed.
  17. Night Fury's Avatar
    You can do it! And if you feel like you're behind with your work we will all help you through it and help you with getting your schedule together!
  18. Galuf's Avatar
    I'll give it a shot but i dont know if theyll listen. never did with the kittens.
  19. Psychotic's Avatar
    Advise them to seek debt advice from either Citizens Advice Scotland or StepChange Scotland.