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    Awesome! FFV is a tremendous game. If you liked the job system, check out Bravely Default and itís sequel - itís pretty much FFV remade for a modern audience that I canít recommend enough. Give the FFT series a go as well as they kinda evolve the job mechanics from here as well!
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    haha thanks!
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  4. Wolf Kanno's Avatar
    I honestly feel the redos on Golbez and Dr. Luage's fights were some of the most challenging in the IV Remake. Lugae especially since Reverse is a status that didn't debut until FFXII.
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    Okay, thanks for the tip man. I honestly had the worse session today with "Final Fantasy IV" but I think its mainly because I'm not used to this level of difficulty in a Final Fantasy game. I'll write a quick update about it in a blog to explain in further detail where I'm having a problem at.

    I think your comment and love for Final Fantasy IV gives me more motivation to complete it. I might be too spoiled by modern JRPGs and the expectancy to breeze through fights has made me dull to new challenges. This might be the perfect opportunity to sharpen myself and keep going through all the Final Fantasy titles.
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    Oh, and pro tip: don't jump into After Years right afterwards. I'd honestly leave it for after you've had your fill of FF and had some room to breather, because After Years is long and a lot of it is a slog and a retread of story points from FFIV. You'll get burnt out very fast if you jump in right after - while if you wait, you might just get some nostalgia out of it.
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    I love the 3D remake of FFIV. Sure, the 2D sprites are classic (but not on the PSP version - seriously, those look really bad), but I have to appreciate the art direction. By using a more muted color palet, the world seems much more mystical, and I love that all the characters finally have consistent models both in battle and out, as well as portraits that actually match them - you'll see that this isn't the case in any of the 2D versions. Most people probably don't care, but it's a HUGE pet peeve of mine. And then there are the added cutscenes and voice acting which, coupled with the impeccable translation that is unique to this version, just helps to elevate some moments in this game to new heights.

    I've actaully recently started a replay of the DS version and as it's my 2nd playthrough on one save file, I got to keep some augments, including the incredibly useful Level Lust which basically lets you breeze through the game thanks to the added experience. I'm hoping to complete this and then do a third playthrough as well, so that I can finally try my hand at that super extra optional boss they added.

    Plus, I also just love the difficulty level, combined with the new AI scripts for the bosses. As the FF I've probably replayed the most, it felt very refreshing to finally get some variety in there. Overall, the 3D version is to me, no contest, the definitive version of FFIV. I definitely appreciate the original version a lot, but this new incarnation has just so much going for it that it really elevates FFIV to new heights in my eyes.
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    I understand that feeling. I go back and forth with certain genres myself to avoid the tedium.
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    Thanks! I'll let you know what my thoughts are on FF4 but so far story-wise I am digging it!

    I did a small detour and beat Bioshock because grinding through JRPGs has taken a toll on me. Needed something filled with adrenaline, quick decision making, and twitch-like shooting to alleviate the steady pace of JRPGs.
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    Congrats on beating FFIII!

    FFIV is one of my absolute faves and I love the 3D translation. With that said, I still prefer the more traditional SNES graphics and lack of extra content of the original. Game doesn't feel right to me otherwise, though I know its more pure nostalgia because its not like I don't enjoy the new content of the 3D remake.
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    I'm playing the 3D version on Steam right now. I'm not a fan but it's the only legit copy I have.
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    Which version of 4 are you playing? There's a big difference between the 2D and 3D versions.
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    I ended the game with Dark Knight, Geomancer, Devout, and Black Belt!

    I started FF4 but WOW Classic has taken up my time.

    Hopefully, I'll be able to get back to it soon. I want to try to get through as much as I can before the FF7 remake comes out.
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    Never drop Geomancer. It can seriously carry you throughout the whole game.
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    Congrats on your travels through the NES era FFs and I'm happy to hear you're enjoying FFIII because it always seems like Evastio and I are the only members of the forum who really love that entry.
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    Nice response!

    I think the idea of immortality is interesting because the discussion often goes both ways. Unfortunately, it hasn't gone both ways here. There is a real implication that immortality might generate more negative impact than positive. We can attribute that to the way we utilize our resources today. However, I think there's also an equal chance that there can be a positive impact as well.

    Here I presented it very linearly but the idea of digital transference might help us expand into the universe as a species. It can help save lives or unexpected deaths for a lot of people. Maybe in achieving such longevity, it can refocus our voracious appetite in using Earth's resources to become more conservative or less detrimental.
  17. Wolf Kanno's Avatar
    I feel there are too many negative variables to account for to make this a good idea. Civilization and culture are completely based around the concept of escaping death, to accomplish it would largely make the entire sum of our culture pointless.

    We would no longer need families, no longer need to give birth, and no longer need to have creative problem solving. We would likely reach cultural stagnation and our entire economy would crash disastrously to the likely extinction of those who could not afford to undergo the process. That's assuming they go peacefully and the very creation of such technology doesn't give birth to a new type of class war. Other species on our planet would also largely be screwed over because they would no longer have much value to us. We may see the world become a lifeless shell in a few centuries as we wipe out all other sentient life on the planet as we strip mine the planet for the resources needed to maintain our new artificial bodies.

    The other issue here is that it would be very unlikely, let alone necessary for our new bodies to recreate a limbic system of which a good portion of our "self" is dependent upon. In fact, the most interesting discovery of this process would be learning how much of our concept of self is based on the purely biological processes of the brain. A part of you might gain immortality, but it would be debatable if it actually could be called "you". It would be safer to say you would no longer be human but something else and sadly, our instinctual nature to wipe out anything that can be counted as "other" might mean this immortal version of us would be wiped out before they had a chance to do any drastic changes to the world.

    In the case of clone bodies, it would largely make the population problem our planet already faces explode to apocalyptic levels. We can barely manage as it is and several of the growing world problems we face today could potentially be solved if half our species disappeared or had significantly shorter lifespans, but removing the cycle of death would only strain our resources to the breaking point. Even if the clone bodies were sterilized, the population that can't afford new bodies wouldn't be able to die fast enough to make life easy for the immortal ones, which would likely result in more wars and human suffering for the benefit of the people born lucky enough to be in a society that offers immortality. Not to mention the clone bodies would do nothing to curb our natural instincts to breed so even sterilization might only be a temporary thing and even then it has the ramifications of creating new class struggles that would cause discord.

    The idea of immortality is actually pretty shortsighted when you start to imagine the socioeconomic ramifications it would bring, especially in the light of the major issues we have yet to resolve. It's kind of like time travel, sounds cool, but the potential ramifications of the technology make it far too dangerous to ever really pursue, assuming it is possible.
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    It'd probably redefine what it means to be human or evolve the meaning at that point. That definition wouldn't be the same if this were to happen. It's also a very interesting topic to me because I came across the idea from reading about artificial intelligence. That and it's also very fun to read how people interpret immortality as a whole.
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    The inevitability of death is one of the most fundamental parts of the human condition. Take that away and you are no longer human.
  20. ham's Avatar
    I'm surprised no one wanted to pursue immortality.
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