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  1. Yep

    Del Murder and I celebrated our 8 year anniversary this past Halloween. And we did it in style in New Zealand.

    It's neat that we get to go on adventures together. But my favorite thing ever is cracking each other up just by being weird together every single day.

    A not unusual conversation in the Del Murder Miriel household:

    Miriel: My feet are sweating
    Del Murder: Are you saying that as you're ...

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  2. Pasta Making with Miriel

    Making fresh pasta is just about the stupidest thing you can do. It takes forever and really, you can just go down to your local Italian restaurant and pick up a plate of fresh pasta that you didn't have to slave over for hours and hours and that'll only cost you $15 and 15 minutes.

    But, people do stupid things all the time, so here we go. My guide to making fresh pasta. Recipe is from Sophisticated Gourmet which adapted its recipe from Thomas Keller's famous 7 egg yolk pasta. ...
  3. Mognet Messaging

    I found while cleaning through my inbox that private message titles usually fall into a few specific categories.

    There are the greetings: Hello! Hi! Heya, hiya, hey, yo, holla, and HEY YOU, hey there, harro, sup playa!

    I have a ton of those. Followed next by the non-word titles:

    =), >=(, !!!!, ????, ^_^, : mad2 :

    And then there are plenty of the random ones: Antlers, lizard, horseback riding, krøll, "Today I saw a guy wearing a t-shirt ...

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