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  1. Formula One - As of Korea

    I can't believe the crap I'm reading on the F1 forums/websites I frequent. Almost everyone seems to be of the opinion that Red Bull should:
    a) promote Vettel to the status of "number 1 driver" and back him to win
    b) let their two drivers race it out

    Either option would be stupid and it would be practically giving the driver's title to Alonso. Vettel is on 206 points, compared to Webber's 220 and Alonso's 231. With only 50 points left to go to the winners of ...
  2. Late on the bandwagon!

    Just passed the halfway point of Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code. I've never read it before and I didn't go see the film so it's all a new experience for me. I was inspired to do it after I saw it on sale for $4.95 at a random bookstall thingo and after recently re-reading Matthew Reilly's The Seven Ancient Wonders / The Six Sacred Stones / The Five Greatest Warriors trilogy (he pays a bit of homage to Brown as the protagonist Jack West goes around doing things like finding the tomb of Christ and ...