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  1. Christmas's Avatar
    Dumb you.
  2. Agent Proto's Avatar
    I have been discovered.
  3. Christmas's Avatar
    Clever you!
  4. starlet's Avatar
    Yeah proot, make yourself more useful around the house! Lolol j/k. Rip tomodachi Island :3
  5. Shaibana's Avatar
    im sure going to miss this :P
  6. Ayen's Avatar
    My Mii didn't get a birthday. *sniff and cries*

    Nah, I'm good. Tis the end of an era =o
  7. The Man's Avatar
    R.I.P. in peace Eyeson Island updates.
  8. Colonel Angus's Avatar
    It was a great run, Proto! I really enjoyed it. & LOL @ bald Matt.
  9. Ayen's Avatar
    Run, Ben! Run!
  10. Colonel Angus's Avatar
    Awesome update, proto! Good to see the Mii me is getting out more now. lol
  11. Shaibana's Avatar
    my pants are hideous :P
  12. Shauna's Avatar
    That child is so square-faced. xD
  13. Shaibana's Avatar
    pfff, i didnt even make it on any list ;_;
  14. Shaibana's Avatar
    im always in for a conversation, Proto
    and i dont mind at all having a 'side chat' in the chat
  15. Night Fury's Avatar
    I'm pretty sure plenty of people in chat would always chat with you - I don't know what it is you're after, but private chat or just to talk one on one in the main room... You do have to be a bit assertive, but loads of people really like you here, Proto, just start up a private chat sometime!
  16. Agent Proto's Avatar
    Your mii is the most available male bachelor high in that list.
  17. The Man's Avatar
    I'm as high as #3 on boy charm? This software is broken.
  18. Agent Proto's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Jessweeee♪
    why is Tidus in jail? xD
    For committing the crime of being Tidus.
  19. Jessweeee♪'s Avatar
    why is Tidus in jail? xD
  20. Ayen's Avatar
    I always wanted a daughter. *sniff* Living the dream!
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