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did you see that thing on youtube? omg man, dude, check this out!

  1. Riots look like video games

    The whole central square of Kyiv, Ukraine has been turned into a city of tents. Fires are burning in barrels to keep the people warm, as it's -20C during the day. Food is being handed out by volunteers. Politicians hold speeches on the stage. A big screen is covering the side of a building, providing video of the screen to everyone in the crowd. Having just flown in from Bangkok, I try to find a place to sit down and figure out what exactly is going on.

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  2. Eyes on Pop Culture and Aesthetics - Genius Party

    For all of y'all into animation dealing with the surreal, amazing imagery and the dreariness of life in a consumer society, Genius Party should be an interesting watch.

    This short animation anthology combines visual elements of industrialism, postmodern urban life, with a search for the extraordinary. Often taking place on the outskirts of society, representing itself as factories and abandoned buildings at the edge of the city. Some of the works take a more subtle approach by placing ...

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  3. Welcome to the tora zone

    In my ever continuing quest to move up in this world, I've decided to start writing. I made a LinkedIn account yesterday (because you're not professional until you have one!) and there was this field where you could fill in your skills and stuff, and I saw I didn't really any skills that are useful in the world of professional douches so I just picked "writing and editing". I have no idea what I'm going to write about, but I can at least start with blog posts that nobody cares about. ...
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