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Gamers have lives! And if they run out of them, they best hope they'll have a continue left.

  1. Smurf it.

    I don't know what is wrong anymore. I must be trying too hard and yet I don't feel happy anymore, or at the time being. I must be having terrible mood swings as of lately. Some moments, I'm doing fine, then all of the sudden I'm feeling down. They don't last very long, so I'm glad that it doesn't get severe and takes over my life.

    I think... I may need to take a break from the Internet for maybe awhile. I can't deal with this, and I don't know if I really need help or what...

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  2. Third visit.

    Ugh, I'm not posting this asking for advice or seeking help. I just need to vent a little and tell my little story because I kept it to myself for awhile from most of you. Not much of you know that I have kidney failure. Anyway, this year I had a procedure done that removed a fistula that was getting too big replaced with a graft in my arm. The surgery for that was done in January, so the month was spent healing the arm and what not. In Feb, I had another visit for surgery to remove the staples ...
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  3. Oh snap

    Gah, I just realized it's been seven years since my father passed away to cancer.

    RIP dad.
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  4. Old Stuffs (Vol. 2)

    Continuing to showcase some old stuff. Now this next drawing is of Sailor Jupiter. I'm sure I've showed it before, but it's definitely something I liked. At the time, back in high school, I would often doodle during class. This one time, a girl asked me to draw a picture for her, so I said I would do that. The next day, or the next time we had class since classes were alternating by day, I handed her this drawing. She thought it was cute so that made my day.

    Um, here's that drawing. ...
  5. Not that important.

    So, tomorrow I'm having surgery. Well, just an operation to fix my arm apparently. So, starting on midnight (which already passed) I don't eat or drink anything, because I'm going under anaesthesia! Yay! I'm going to end up like that one kid, David. "Is this real life?" "What's happening to me?!" "I've got five fingers..."

    Oh yeah. Sounds like fun. Second time this year too!
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