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  1. Smurf it.

    I don't know what is wrong anymore. I must be trying too hard and yet I don't feel happy anymore, or at the time being. I must be having terrible mood swings as of lately. Some moments, I'm doing fine, then all of the sudden I'm feeling down. They don't last very long, so I'm glad that it doesn't get severe and takes over my life.

    I think... I may need to take a break from the Internet for maybe awhile. I can't deal with this, and I don't know if I really need help or what...

    Updated 01-20-2013 at 07:27 AM by Agent Proto

    Personal Life , Miscellaneous
  2. More on #EyesonFF

    Our rank in the world of DeviantArt is slowly growing! Since its creation, our humble little group has now 6 members as of this post! It's surely to grow, with 2 possible new members on the way, including one who is not a member of these forums! I'm quite excited to see what will happen in the future for our small group!
  3. A screen name petition

    Who feels that The Fresh Prince of Mel Air should change her screen name back to Melissaur? I'm sure most of us do, and I think it's time to change it back. By responding you are hereby signing this petition for Mel to change back to Melissaur.

    Will this work? Probably not, but it's worth a try.

    Agent Proto
  4. I've a bad feeling about this...

    I don't know man, I think it might be the timing since the gang wars just ended and it's been about two months since Jiro hosted the last official screen name tournament (the one where Jessweeee won and Melissaur changed her name to her new long and dumb name which I shall not use but will have to since it references the Fresh Prince afterwards.), so that may be why the new All Star Screen Name Tournament is being ignored. Granted, it's only been a day since I posted. Usually I have about 10 votes ...
  5. Old Stuffs (Vol. 2)

    Continuing to showcase some old stuff. Now this next drawing is of Sailor Jupiter. I'm sure I've showed it before, but it's definitely something I liked. At the time, back in high school, I would often doodle during class. This one time, a girl asked me to draw a picture for her, so I said I would do that. The next day, or the next time we had class since classes were alternating by day, I handed her this drawing. She thought it was cute so that made my day.

    Um, here's that drawing. ...
  6. Old Stuffs (Vol. 1)

    Hey. I'm going to look back into some old pictures of art that I've done in the past. And by past, I mean this is Pre-2000. Work I have done prior to the Y2K bug that was feared. Before George W. Bush was president. This stuff is old, man. But for some strange reason, I still have these pictures on me. I remember when I thought I lost them, but I had them back since reconnecting with an old Internet friend I had several years ago.

    Anyway, I'll probably showcase a picture one at ...
  7. Battle of the Robo Babes


    Battle Royale!
    Who will win?

  8. Stuffs happening.

    Ho hum. Apparently something is coming up so the new plan for the Video Game Babes of the Week has been modified somewhat! Neocracker managed to get us an account solely for the blogging purposes for this for the Babekeepers to use to update the blog! How exciting is that? Now we need an appropriate icon to use as its avatar.

  9. It's coming...

    Well now that EoFF has blogs, I've decided to use mine for the purpose of updating the VG Babes of the Week, since I believe it would make more sense to use a blog rather than an ongoing thread. Besides, the thread is starting to slowly die down as it is, so this would be a good opportunity to introduce it into the blogs. Before I start updating my blog with its first babe, I figure to give the thread a week before moving on. Figure I give it the rest of the month to give it one last hurrah. Not ...