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  1. Glenn Beck and the Department of Irony

    Glenn Beck compared Bill Nye's criticism of creationists with the Catholic Church's treatment of Galileo, concluding that Nye was on the "wrong side of history."

    I know Beck long ago reached the level of self-parodying, but at this point I think he's in league with the manufacturers of irony meters, because he keeps making mine explode.
  2. Stuff That Pisses Me Off

    Outside of the Egypt fiasco, which everyone is already talking about. I've had some appalling links piling up and needed to rant about them somewhere.

    US border agent fired for saying in a casual conversation that legalizing drugs would help stop black market violence. In other words, speaking the truth. People have asked me why I would prefer being a criminal defense attorney to a prosecutor, and they inevitably say that they'd have a terrible moral problem defending a rapist or ...

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