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  1. Black people cause all the problems

  2. Updates - Jesus and Healthcare

    I have been neglecting this since finals, so here's some interesting things.

    My pareidolia website was linked to in this HuffPo article, and we've received an exciting surge in activity. About 6k visits from HuffPo the day of the link, and we're still averaging almost 1k even this far after. It's also been popping up on Facebook and Twitter more.

    In legal news, a Virginia federal court issued an opinion which ruled the healthcare bill unconstitutional, at least as ...

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  3. Blogging and Tim Minchin

    Contrary to some oldbies, I am actually mildly interested in this blog feature. I will semi-regularly have thoughts on an issue that I want to type up and open to discussion, but for one reason or another would not be suitable for an EoFF thread. I have off-and-on considered making my own blog for the variety of issues which interest me (religion/atheism/law/criminal justice/science/etc.), but I have been too lazy. But now I have a spot here I can post whatever the hell I want, so I might take advantage ...

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