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did you see that thing on youtube? omg man, dude, check this out!

  1. From the "no duh" department

    Sex makes people happiest, per new study

    In other news: rain is wet, Iceglow doesn't understand paragraphs, and Tifa's Boobs has boobs. Shocking, I know.
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  2. There are really people capable of using the internet that are this stupid

    In one episode of Sherlock, Watson discovers to his amazement that Holmes was not aware of the basic, preschool-level fact that the Earth revolves around the sun. That information is meant to result in shock from any recipient because of course the Earth revolves around the sun, and every single living being on the planet knows that. That Holmes is able to ignore such common information is a sign of what a unique individual he is, and that no one real could be quite like him.

    Well, ...
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  3. FunnyJunk vs. The Oatmeal vs. Charles Carreon

    This is an introductory post on the Streisand effect. The Streisand effect occurs when an attempt to censor or otherwise hide information leads only to that information being spread more effectively. This is otherwise known as “the internet.”

    Once upon a time, many moons ago, the website comic The Oatmeal noted that another website, FunnyJunk, was hosting a crapload of its content. The Oatmeal then asked FunnyJunk to delete that content, and FJ responded by deleting a small percentage ...

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  4. Benchmarks

    I just added my 200th Jesus sighting to my religious pareidolia website, Stuff That Looks Like Jesus -- the special sighting this time being on a mothersmurfing stingray. I still have 15 or so reader submissions to post and a folder's worth of old bookmarks to get to, which isn't even counting the 1-3 new sightings per week (on average) that will crop up. I think it's safe to say that I will likely never run out.

    Speaking of religious humor, why god is too busy to answer prayers: ...
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  5. Monday Rage: female sexism

    Women are often just as guilty for the maintenance of societal gender roles as men. A female classmate of mine favorably posted this link in her Gchat status. Some of it can be summed up with "stop feeling the need to act stereotypically masculine," which is good advice for everyone. But numbers 8 and 9 make me want to punch all people who subscribed to such chauvinist nonsense:

    8. Asserting Power
    In no way am I giving you the right to physically or mentally abuse
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    So I have a ton of work to do for law school, which of course means I spent much of the day procrastinating. Earlier tonight I was inspired to again start updating Stuff That Looks Like Jesus, which you should check regularly. But more importantly, I was looking through the submissions and clearing out the spam ones when I came across... MY FIRST HATE MAIL!!!!!

    For context, I have always dreamed of getting hate mail. I keep up with a few great blogs on science, religion, and ...

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  7. I want a full album of these guys (Keynes vs. Hayek II)

    Over a year ago, a bunch of economists and grad students made this music video about what causes recessions: too-free businesses (Keynes) or central planning of the market (Hayek). It was brilliant, and displayed both sides very well in a fun way.

    Just yesterday they released Round Two, which is also great. I don't think Hayek made as many brutal points as he did in the first one, but the ending is completely accurate in its analogy to real life: Hayek's argument destroys Keynesian ...
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  8. Oh. My. God.

  9. Skepticism

    Yes, I know I posted this xkcd comic on Facebook, but it deserves to be spread around.

    This reminds me of the old truth: What do you call alternative medicine that works? "Medicine." Tim Minchin has also addressed this issue quite humorously in "Storm" and "If you open your mind too much, your brain will fall out."

    Skepticism, which is basically a critical ...