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  1. Lalala

    I wish I could sing better.

    Also that I was a viera.

    One wish at a time I suppose.
  2. 'More experience'

    My quest for a job contineus,
    i got rejected on the last one becaus they needed someone with 'more experience'

    .. i really hate those 2 words.
    Im fresh from school, but how am i going to get experience when nobody gives me a chance start gaining some?
    they are always looking for '16 year olds with atleast 10 year experience' -.-

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  3. Dear Diary

    Today I was playing Call of Duty MW2 on PSN, and I began absentmindedly singing smile,smile,smile. The first reaction was someone cursing at me, so I stopped. Then a moment later, two more people began singing the song, so I joined in. By the end of the game, 3 other people were singing FiM songs. Today was a good day.
  4. Vote Obama

    The toronto maple leafs (sic) is by far the worst hockey team in existence. This is a team whose fan base is absolutely esctatic if they manage to reach the playoffs. Because they can never reach the finals much less secure a stanley cup; this is the best they can do in any given season, and thus you can see the fanbase' response correspond to a realization of reality. Their only realization - as a honest fanbase would quit supporting such a lousy, shoddy team.

    Compare this to the ...
  5. I got banned from /r/conservative

    Hahahhahahaha So funny. I was checking it to see their opinion of the RNC and I had made this post.

    This is my first venture into /r/conservative and I'm not liking it. Not because of your political affiliation of that being "conservative" but in the way I'm seeing most users post. I really dislike people using the term "liberal" as a derogatory term. Or the insinuating fact that all liberals are "idiots." I'm not liking this. Not liking this at all.

    I got banned soon ...
  6. quote vomit


    "The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself."
    - Friedrich Nietzsche ...
  7. pay check

    just got one

    fk yeah

    move along
  8. FB cover :D

    i just think it it so epic that i need to share it here
    Look and be amazed by my epic FB cover
    Click image for larger version. 

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    made it myself :')
    .. wel.. the derpina
  9. work, part 2

    Just when i thought i would go totaly broke, i got a call from heaven!!

    today i had a job interview
    Its not a 'big' job, but atleast its something untill i can find something within my 'branche'.
    Unlike my previous. ... euuh... job (see my previous blog) i feel quite convident about this one!!

    it looks like verry social job

    this friday i will hear if i get it..
    i really hope so becaus i dont feel like taking more money off my saving-account ...
  10. Generic Update

    I just feel like slamming my forehead into my desk over and over. There's not really a good reason for it either; I think I'm having hormonal issues.

    I should be in a good mood! I got three promotions at work in the last week or so. I was promoted from seasonal to regular, and then I got a trainer position that I had interviewed for. I had to turn that one down, though, because just a couple of days ago I was offered the position above trainer. They want you to work as a regular for ...
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