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  1. work, part 2

    Just when i thought i would go totaly broke, i got a call from heaven!!

    today i had a job interview
    Its not a 'big' job, but atleast its something untill i can find something within my 'branche'.
    Unlike my previous. ... euuh... job (see my previous blog) i feel quite convident about this one!!

    it looks like verry social job

    this friday i will hear if i get it..
    i really hope so becaus i dont feel like taking more money off my saving-account ...
  2. Generic Update

    I just feel like slamming my forehead into my desk over and over. There's not really a good reason for it either; I think I'm having hormonal issues.

    I should be in a good mood! I got three promotions at work in the last week or so. I was promoted from seasonal to regular, and then I got a trainer position that I had interviewed for. I had to turn that one down, though, because just a couple of days ago I was offered the position above trainer. They want you to work as a regular for ...
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    Personal Life
  3. My Job

    It's like playing a game of tag with that one kid who changes the rules to his/her advantage the whole time. That kid is everyone above me.

    I wish I could mentally go back in time and tell every adult in my life that they are full of **** when it comes to people growing and maturing.

    Almost nothing changes. In the place of fists on the playground are e-mails, memos, and meetings.

    This, I have known for many years. Today is just another day that I am sick ...
  4. I have the best little brother in the world.

    My little brother is getting a party bus for the bridal party for after his wedding in September. I am proud of him. <3

    And, conveniently, my boyfriend and I are both in the bridal party.

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  5. work

    As a temporary solution i was going to work at the same place as my sister..
    meanwhile i wanted to look for a job winthin my own branche, but things didnt quite work out that way.

    i have officialy worked 2 hours.. ... .. .. .. .
    at the job i had to unpack bags etc, and check them for any faults.
    Honestly i dont complain quick about the work, but this was just to simple, to mindkilling for me.

    after 2 hours i started feeling sick, and so i ran for the toilet. ...
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  6. Sleep??? NO!

    No really. I've been on and off bass all evening and night and morning. I've been playing with guitar pro and recording a bass track to a request... I was asked to cover Caramelldansen after the last anime con I went to. I have done this and feel I have crossed the point of no return.


    Also... My hair's growing back, ish... I REGRET IT! I asked for a trim and the mother got ...
  7. Why do I even

    I'm on and off this place so much. But it'll always have a place in my heart, I swear! Right next to bacon and Pokemon.
    Don't know why I came back today. I think I missed some of you. <3 but I'll be gone tomorrow because VACATION TO SEE MY FIANCE, smurf YEAH.
  8. There are really people capable of using the internet that are this stupid

    In one episode of Sherlock, Watson discovers to his amazement that Holmes was not aware of the basic, preschool-level fact that the Earth revolves around the sun. That information is meant to result in shock from any recipient because of course the Earth revolves around the sun, and every single living being on the planet knows that. That Holmes is able to ignore such common information is a sign of what a unique individual he is, and that no one real could be quite like him.

    Well, ...
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  9. Here is a picture of Tom Hardy giving Gary Oldman a hug.

    I haven't told you guys any crazy ass dreams in five months!
  10. american politics

    So i watched the news (here in holland) and they started talking about the elections in Amerika.

    its just insane, becaus in theire commercials they try to take the other one down :/
    they say stuff like: He doesnt pay taxes, and he has a bank account in switserland.
    or a 'touching' sad story told by a man saying he lost his job becaus of 1 of them, and bcaus of that he didnt get health insurance, and bcaus of that his wife died -.-

    i just think its discusting ...