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  1. I may end up killing myself within the next two months

    There is a widely-believed caricature of the law and lawyers, at least in the US. It is that the law mandates the use of legalese in order to make sure no one but lawyers has any smurfing clue what we’re talking about, and thus creating business for lawyers. That the law relies on archaic rules and procedures that make no sense in any modern setting to anyone outside the club. That the law is all form and little substance, and that lawyers promote this insanity in order to enjoy their monopoly on ...
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  2. earring stoppers

    they are sold in packs of 81 in order to convince the wasteful mind that they don't need to be treasured. this train of thought goes on until they lose all of their earring stoppers. then they have to buy more.

    An intelligent person should not have to buy more than one pack every 20 years. If this is how everyone thought, there would be no money made on earring stoppers. so people have to be influenced to be wasteful and uncaring about their "practically unlimited supply". ...
  3. The blog that never dies

    SO this is my hundredth blog, please please, hold the applause.
    Lets see if we can get this blog to 99 comments, each person post something to do with something you thought about within the last 1000 years.

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  4. This is not The Daily Grind.

    Hello Internet,

    I am in a very big house in the country, hiding out before going to Spuuky & Giggles' youngest sister's wedding.

    In an unrelated matter, I am considering my first public musical performance, and chickens are great.

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  5. I have a theory about Brock Obama


    This pic is real btw

    My theory is this, and hear me out: he's black.

    So it takes him a little bit of time to really get going. I mean the blacks have only escaped slavery for a few dozen generations or whatever. It takes a bit of time to go from having zero dollars to having a bit of cash. Anyway let's like, apply affirmative ...
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  6. blah blah title.

    This article is somewhat misleading, as it posits that the dollar itself reigns or does not, whereas it is the people who control the dollar at the head of America's public and private financial institutions who are actually losing the reins of power. Their dollar has become unworthy because they have proven themselves unworthy of power.

    The influence of the money system is determined by the political power of those who control it, not the other way around. The fact that those who ...
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  7. question for y'all

    Entitlements are not rights. We are not born with a claim of the property of others. Do you disagree? Tell me what part of what you earn is mine then give it to me.
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  8. Oh it's been too long 48 hour cross-country drive. How I've missed you.

    Well, this is my last week of my Junior Year of high school, and in the week following my departure from such a torturous year, I shall be taking a long drive back to North Carolina for a short while due to my sister having a child. (me as an uncle, I can't see it)
    Anyway, it's gonna be a LONG drive, and I hateee long drive.

    So, if you're willing to share, what's the longest drive you've done? How was it? Anything interesting happen?

    I know when I was on my ride ...
  9. final fantasy 13-2

    ok first of all this game was such a dissapointment
    i was hope for more excitement i wanted to see searh and snow get married and vanille and fang safe and everyone happy and the complete opposite happens in the end no ones happy!?!? like how can you end a game with no one happy. i was pissed when the ending ended with a TO BE CONTINUED.... and the dlc suck they were just a way for them to make more money. also i wanted to see snow more i loved him in the first one and i was really sad when ...
  10. General information about the horse racing betting

    Since the beginning of modern civilization, horse racing has been a favorite pastime for people all around the globe. It is not just a sport but also a major source of recreation. Moreover, betting on horse races has made the sport popular among bettors all around the world. People all around the globe opt for betting on these races. Every year the horse betting industry makes millions. Different strategies are employed to be successful in this form of betting. Some useful betting strategies ...