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  1. question for y'all

    Entitlements are not rights. We are not born with a claim of the property of others. Do you disagree? Tell me what part of what you earn is mine then give it to me.
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  2. Oh it's been too long 48 hour cross-country drive. How I've missed you.

    Well, this is my last week of my Junior Year of high school, and in the week following my departure from such a torturous year, I shall be taking a long drive back to North Carolina for a short while due to my sister having a child. (me as an uncle, I can't see it)
    Anyway, it's gonna be a LONG drive, and I hateee long drive.

    So, if you're willing to share, what's the longest drive you've done? How was it? Anything interesting happen?

    I know when I was on my ride ...
  3. final fantasy 13-2

    ok first of all this game was such a dissapointment
    i was hope for more excitement i wanted to see searh and snow get married and vanille and fang safe and everyone happy and the complete opposite happens in the end no ones happy!?!? like how can you end a game with no one happy. i was pissed when the ending ended with a TO BE CONTINUED.... and the dlc suck they were just a way for them to make more money. also i wanted to see snow more i loved him in the first one and i was really sad when ...
  4. General information about the horse racing betting

    Since the beginning of modern civilization, horse racing has been a favorite pastime for people all around the globe. It is not just a sport but also a major source of recreation. Moreover, betting on horse races has made the sport popular among bettors all around the world. People all around the globe opt for betting on these races. Every year the horse betting industry makes millions. Different strategies are employed to be successful in this form of betting. Some useful betting strategies ...
  5. Oh no, pit bulls!

    Recently, the Maryland Court of Appeals (the state's highest court) did a mind-bogglingly stupid thing. Normally, a dog owner (or a landlord that allows a certain dog on the premises) is not negligent for simply having or allowing a dog that bites someone else, unless there's evidence that the owner knew or should have known that the individual dog was dangerous. For instance, a history of attacks or aggressive behavior.

    That has now changed in Maryland, at least for pit bulls. In ...

    Updated 05-17-2012 at 11:28 PM by Raistlin

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  6. proving statism in one question

    If gov't didn't exist who will wipe my ass?

    Checkmate, atheists
  7. Man I wish Microsoft would remake this for consoles.
    And release it on both PS3 and XBOX.

    this game is the one.

    this game is the closest gameplay has ever gotten to perfect.

    Story is lacking, but in terms of gameplay, nothing has ever come close.
  8. Zimmerman!

    O’mara is Zimmerman’s attorney. Gilbreath is the police detective.

    1. O’MARA: Did you bring any supporting documentation with you to the courtroom on his bond motion at all?

    GILBREATH: No, I was not planning on testifying.

    LMAO…the defense didn’t tell him he was going to testify and ambushed him! How awesome is that!

    2. O’MARA: Zimmerman confronted Martin, those words. Where did you get that from?

    GILBREATH: That ...
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  9. Battling off sickness

    Whether it’s once a week or once a year, every person gets sick. It’s one of life’s most common trials. But are you aware that this is one specific trial women suffer less often than males? A recent study by Dr. Maya Saleh of the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Center shows, “women have a stronger immune system than males. In fact, the production of estrogen by females might have an excellent effect on the innate inflammatory response against bacterial pathogens.” Researchers ...
  10. Things that piss me off

    A couple of instances of mind-numbing stupidity that have been on my mind lately.

    Obama and his adoring fans: The other day, Obama announced that he supports same-sex marriage, at least according to the mainstream media and many liberals. My Facebook has been full of posts regarding this "monumental" occasion where a US President endorses gay marriage rights. Except... he didn't. Spurred on by Vice-President Biden's unqualified support for gay marriage, Obama tentatively ...
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