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  1. Zimmerman!

    O’mara is Zimmerman’s attorney. Gilbreath is the police detective.

    1. O’MARA: Did you bring any supporting documentation with you to the courtroom on his bond motion at all?

    GILBREATH: No, I was not planning on testifying.

    LMAO…the defense didn’t tell him he was going to testify and ambushed him! How awesome is that!

    2. O’MARA: Zimmerman confronted Martin, those words. Where did you get that from?

    GILBREATH: That ...
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  2. Battling off sickness

    Whether it’s once a week or once a year, every person gets sick. It’s one of life’s most common trials. But are you aware that this is one specific trial women suffer less often than males? A recent study by Dr. Maya Saleh of the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Center shows, “women have a stronger immune system than males. In fact, the production of estrogen by females might have an excellent effect on the innate inflammatory response against bacterial pathogens.” Researchers ...
  3. Things that piss me off

    A couple of instances of mind-numbing stupidity that have been on my mind lately.

    Obama and his adoring fans: The other day, Obama announced that he supports same-sex marriage, at least according to the mainstream media and many liberals. My Facebook has been full of posts regarding this "monumental" occasion where a US President endorses gay marriage rights. Except... he didn't. Spurred on by Vice-President Biden's unqualified support for gay marriage, Obama tentatively ...
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  4. Giraffes

  5. Simpsons used to be good.

    This episode of Simpsons is by far the most apt summary of this election.

    Patterson: Alright, fine. If you want an experienced public servant, vote for me. But if you want to believe a bunch of crazy promises about garbageman cleaning your gutters and waxing your cars, then by all means, vote for this sleazy lunatic.

    And if you don't vote for RP and come crawling back, I wouldn't be suprised if this happened:

    RP: Oh gosh. You know, I'm not much on speeches, ...
  6. wtf is going on?

    Man this is by far the most interesting election in a few while. The last interesting one was probably 2000 when you got the supreme court to decide who was president (though some have argued that GWB won regardless of the florida state total...but I forget the details)

    Anyway video

    This guy is saying there are NO bound delegates for the GOP - I thought that there were SOME bound delegates which was why it ...
  7. To the ladies:

    Hypothetically, would you sleep with me?

    No I am not propositioning you.

    No, I didn't say to the Laddies.
  8. Boobies

  9. hey guys

    i just had to tell you because it's important
    i don't rape women


    anyway what is the freaking point of making a big deal that you aren't racist? congratulations THAT'S WHAT YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO DO, YOU JACKASS

    do I tell people every day i don't rape and murder? it's not a big bleeping deal that you aren't racist.

    >my friends and family are racist but i'm not
    >my country has a black president we're so progressive ...
  10. Quiz time!


    Prior to 1920, the federal government had no constitutional authority to prohibit intoxicating substances, so the 18th Amendment was ratified to grant such power. In 1933, the 21st Amendment repealed this authority. Can anyone point to the subsequent Amendment which restored federal power of prohibition?