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  1. Quit your howling!!!!

    My next door neighbors managed to trap a coyote in the kennel in their back yard yesterday, and as of yet animal control hasn't come to get it. About an hour and a half ago, it started howling, and wont shut up!

    How in the world am I supposed to study!?
  2. FemShep Friday

    Guys. Guys. It's femshep Friday. The first Femshep promotional trailer will be out today. Probably one of the strongest female protagonist in any game is finally going to get some attention. EEEEEE
  3. According to my page I have 78 blogs out of a total of 95.

    Should I stop, or should the blogs commence!

    Edit: what.... the heck.
    The blog count just dropped to 93.

    What happened?
  4. Finished FF13 yesterday!

    I was way overlevelled for the final boss because I thought if I hit the CP cap I could just fill out my stage 10's. Unfortunately that is not the case and I only filled out the main roles for each character. I kind of want to get the Master's Seal trophy but I don't know why since I'm not even connected to PSN on the account I use for gaming.

    It felt like the shortest ending to a FF game ever. But it was pretty.

    In a way it was sort of as ambiguous as the beginning, ...
    Final Fantasy , Video Games
  5. Here is an essay I wrote for engineering, enjoy. Or hate, I don't care either way.

    Shayne Kennedy
    Alexander Graham Belle was an assassin in the employ of the illuminati during the Crusades. He single handedly killed the entire Wushu army with two sets of chopsticks and a bag of marbles. In 2045, Alexander Graham Bell won the Nobel Prize for best comedy. He is currently in the employ of the king of the moon and serves as his food taster. He is most notable for his platinum single “the flying Dingle.” In august of 2006, he spent ten billion hours singing “sitting on the ...
  6. Time

    After playing FFXIII-2 for 8 hours today, I needed to get out of the house, so I went for a short walk. I had a song from FFIX stuck in my head for some odd reason. I eventually walked by a spot which caused me to randomly remember a conversation with a friend when I was in 7th grade back in 1995. I thought, "Man, the time between that one conversation to the time FFIX was released was...5 years..."

    I then realized that the past 5 years of my life went by a lot faster. I know there ...
  7. FF 7.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mike02x View Post
    So far FFVII.

    The story is one of the best stories, also the impact it had in me as well.
    The gameplay is great as well as the system and the open world navigation.
    The playability of the game itself.
    Even know the game is old and it was almost pixelated I still enjoy it with my PS3 or PSP.
    It's one of the games that I could pass over and over again, because of "X" part that I don't want to add so I won't spoil anyone.
  8. freeee things

    i made this

    also in case you did not know,
    ff7 advent children is free to watch on youtube movies
  9. Sherlock and Dr Who

    So I've been arting a lot lately. Spent the day working on some realism images of FFIX fanart.

    My hand hurts.

    So I decided to watch some new shows on Netflix, Sherlock and Dr who! How have I never watched these shows before? They only had one season of Sherlock but I started on Season "two" of Dr who. Well the rebooted one. I started with David Tennant as the Doctor. I hear that's the best dr to start at. Sherlock was just awesome and Dr Who is very, very entertaining. ...
  10. My boyfriend

    for atleast 7 years long my family has asked me on every birthday "and.. how is the love? do you already have a boyfriend?"
    and everytime i had to say no.

    I met a great guy through the internet, and he's not a creepy 40 year old man haha :P
    Im not one that will quickly meet up with ppl from the internet.. but for him i made an exception and im glad i did!!
    the unfortunate side of the story is that he lives 1,5 hours traveling away so its not exactly that ...