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  1. Ambien

    I made a post on Ambien last night and nobody called me out on it yet. It's not bad, but it is VERY out of place.

    Anyway, sleep this week has been rough. The reason why I have to get to work early this week is because my QA partner's mother in law has passed away so I have to cover his time slot, which starts one hour earlier than mine. I reached my wits end last night and took ambien. I feel rested, but I am still going to take a short nap when I get home.

    This is ...
  2. Lovin' dat Lovecraft

    Well, a few things.
    1) I have unplugged myself from the internet and phone (to a certain extent) for 2 weeks due to a massive plummet in my grades. Just, to explain my recent inactivity. I'm trying to reinforce better work habits, so I don't have to do this anymore.

    2) I am absolutely in love with H.P. Lovecraft now. I recently got the complete fiction at Barnes and Nobles for 20 bucks. It's 1100 pages and contains a near unlimited number of short stories.
    His writing style ...
  3. The storry contineus

    i was 'browsing' facebook when i saw this:
    Click image for larger version. 

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  4. Audiobooks!

    I like them. I'm lazy and I drive a lot. I've been trying to find an amusing werewolf paranormal romance that doesn't royally suck. You know how hard this is? Why do they have to put such lame covers on so many fantasy type books. Do people buy them with such lame covers? ugh. This is why normal people make fun of fantasy so much you know!
  5. Bill Banning protests at Secret Service protected events


    the link to the bill text expired but the search page is here:


    (search H.R. 347)
  6. Just saw Distant Worlds

    It was great!

    They started off with FF7 prelude and bombing mission before saying anything. Great intro, got you really pumped. This was followed by a 1-3 medley and at some point, Man with the Machine Gun (which should just not be played by an orchestra but I'll say no more on that).

    An absolutely brilliant arrangement of Eyes on Me sung by Susan Calloway (who will be doing voice acting in FF14 if I heard correctly) was joined by a really nice selection of clips from ...
  7. Censored

    Topic: post censored pictures of anything. Ridiculous censorship, censorship where it doesnt make sense, etc.
  8. Sleep!

    I got a decent amount of sleep yesterday. I wake up for work feeling as if I drank a whole fifth of vodka.

    Today I got less sleep, got woken up often by various things, and had to show up an hour earlier than normal for work today. I feel great.

    How does that work?
  9. happy me

    my birtday next month cant be broken already ^^
    31 march im going with my boyfriend to Within Temptation concert.
    im really exited about it becaus ive wanted to go for quite a while now, but i never could find someone to take along. since all my friends are my complete opposites if it comes to music.

    i saw it on the internet and i asked if he wanted to go too :3 after some research he found cheaper tickets :o (some scumbag sites ask 2x the price), and so he takes me to ...
  10. Black people cause all the problems