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  1. freeee things

    i made this

    also in case you did not know,
    ff7 advent children is free to watch on youtube movies
  2. Sherlock and Dr Who

    So I've been arting a lot lately. Spent the day working on some realism images of FFIX fanart.

    My hand hurts.

    So I decided to watch some new shows on Netflix, Sherlock and Dr who! How have I never watched these shows before? They only had one season of Sherlock but I started on Season "two" of Dr who. Well the rebooted one. I started with David Tennant as the Doctor. I hear that's the best dr to start at. Sherlock was just awesome and Dr Who is very, very entertaining. ...
  3. My boyfriend

    for atleast 7 years long my family has asked me on every birthday "and.. how is the love? do you already have a boyfriend?"
    and everytime i had to say no.

    I met a great guy through the internet, and he's not a creepy 40 year old man haha :P
    Im not one that will quickly meet up with ppl from the internet.. but for him i made an exception and im glad i did!!
    the unfortunate side of the story is that he lives 1,5 hours traveling away so its not exactly that ...
  4. My brilliant plan, foiled.

    Well this week I had come up with an idea that I seriously needed to get me back on track with my school work. I was to turn off my internet, cable, phone, etc. for a week so I could focus solely on my school work, exercise, and sleep. This plan was going perfectly for a good while... then Wednesday hit, I got home and discovered I had received the flu... Oh, well no work was going to get done with that throbbing headache (not to mention the other gifts ...
  5. More crazy ass dreams

    One of these features a cameo from Jiro.

    There were three dreams I remembered throughout the night but I can only remember the details of two. The first one was a nightmare and actually kept recurring. A man was dismembering this woman alive. He started off small with hands and parts of her arm, but I remember him somehow removing the right half of her torso while she ways lying prostrate. He left her spine intact and her ribs too, so I remember her skin and muscles sliding off ...
  6. Pony Name?

    Is there a name for the pony on the left?
    Name:  numa.png
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Size:  60.3 KB
  7. I might as well post this here.

    I made this about a month ago. People who have seen it thought it was funny. Enjoy!

    Tidus Tribute - YouTube
    Final Fantasy
  8. RushJet1 Forgotten Music

    today i am working on work
    and also i am listening to this:

    it is pretty good!

  9. HOLY tit, THAT'S AN ARM?!

    by , 01-26-2012 at 07:31 PM (Parkers Poop Paradise)

    All these years I thought this was some blackbird/raven sitting on Squall's shoulder. I've wondered about the significance every time I played Final Fantasy 8.

    But I was wrong.

    It's his goddamn arm.

    Jesus. How do I even manage to get up in the morning?

    This has seriously blown my mind!
  10. Soul searching time.