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  1. PSN FTW

    SO, I know about the whole PSN thing, but yesterday I tried to go to the store anyways.....
    it worked.
    I was able to get into the store, the blue squares all popped up and....
    something logged me out:
    You have been logged out is what it read.

    Im guessing SONY just so happend to be testing the servers when I logged in and perhaps one of the people saw my IP pop up and logged me off. The next time I tried, that connection error popped up:
    connection error: ...
  2. The Measles? Really?

    You would think that it's evey subs dream to show up to work and pop in a movie. It isn't. I'm so bored! I Am Legend was good in first period, but I really did not need to watch it again immediatley after.

    And could they drag out the dog thing any longer? I will not cry in front of the teenagers, I will not cry in front of the teenagers, I will not cry in front of the teenagers.

    smurf teenagers. And the kid in the back is a dick. He looks like a nice nerdy kid, but he ...
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  3. Japanese Authors Are Required to Be Weird

    I don't know if its the translation that's making it all vague and etheral-like but these Japanese authors are really strange to read!

    Banana Yoshimoto
    Haruki Murakami
    Natsuo Kirino
    Junichiro Tanzaki
    Ueda Akinari - But I love him most of all

    It makes me think the Japanese are hiding something pyschotic in their subconscious levels.
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  4. Comming to Sweden?

    Just when i was about to give up hope, i got a reply from and internship-adress in Sweden
    Since it was nearly a month ago that i send them the mail i was really thrilled...
    Hopefully this wil put through, so i wil be in Sweden in the beginning of december to learn everything about sledge dogs =D
  5. Being "Immune" to the Zombie Infection is Just a Nice Way of Saying You have No Brain

    The second book, The Dead Tossed Waves... I read it. What can I say? I'm a competionist when it comes to books, even if it's garbage. And, yes, the sequel was garbage, but not in the fun What the smurf are you doing?? How have you survived this long, you stupid whore?? kind of way.

    It was boring. In fact, I skimmed maybe even most of it. There were a lot of pages where I read one sentence, just to be sure the author was still describing the same smurfing thing. It took twenty pages ...
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  6. we good

    all cancer free, thank you very much
  7. I want a full album of these guys (Keynes vs. Hayek II)

    Over a year ago, a bunch of economists and grad students made this music video about what causes recessions: too-free businesses (Keynes) or central planning of the market (Hayek). It was brilliant, and displayed both sides very well in a fun way.

    Just yesterday they released Round Two, which is also great. I don't think Hayek made as many brutal points as he did in the first one, but the ending is completely accurate in its analogy to real life: Hayek's argument destroys Keynesian ...
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  8. You Deserve to Be Eaten by Zombies

    Pop quiz!

    The barriers against the zombies is breeched, and your village is overrun. You manage to escape with your older brother, best friend, betrothed, your love, a random first grader, and your dog. After a few days, you find another town, but it has also been overrun by zombies. You and your love make it to a house, while the rest of your party gets up in a tree house. There is a platform on the roof that once had a rope bridge to the treehouses, but it has been cut and now hangs ...
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  9. A new low

    In a pathetic, yet not entirely unexpected, last-ditch attempt to attack the legitimacy of a federal district court claiming that anti-gay marriage statutes are unconstitutional, the Prop 8 supporters are now asking a new district court (the previous judge, Judge Walker has retired) to set aside that decision because of a conflict of interest. What conflict of interest, you might ask?

    He's gay.

    Yes, he had no financial or personal interest. But Walker still should have ...
  10. So, you want to start a blog?

    I do. :3

    I have wanted to start one for a while. I enjoy writing stuff, and a blog seems to be a good way to get writing. I just have no idea what I'd even begin to blog about. I tried to start one a while back, but it entirely fell to the wayside due to lack of content and imagination to make some.

    Guess that's a problem, the lack of imagination. I want to do something that not only is interesting to me, but also interesting for others to read. I mean, I could ramble ...
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