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  1. 3:41 in the AM

    I was writing a blog, but it was lame, so I deleted it and am writing this instead.

    I'm a little bit drunk, but it's one of those drunk spells where you've just been drinking consistently most of the day, and you never really get hammered at any time. I usually hate that kind of drinking, I don't see the point, but here I am, doing it anyway.

    If you want proof...well it's now 3:51, would it have taken a sober person 10 minutes to write this?
  2. Look at the wall. Look at me. Look at the wall. Now back to me.

    I am on a half hour work break (during my ten hour Saturday shift), and I'm spending it looking at purses online.

    I am just too freakin' cool, guys. Too. Freakin'. Cool.
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  3. Top Blogs

    "Blog is like a Twitter
    for people who talk too much."
    - @AndyMilonakis -

    Note: I was going to post pictures depicting some of the stuff featured on each of the blogs I will be listing, but since my internet is being dumb right now that will have to wait. Until then, I hope you enjoy the picture below. If your name is GuardianXIII you'll probably be jizzing your pants right about...

    [IMG] ...
  4. HI BLOG

  5. I know who I would support in 2012

    We need more politicians like this guy. Too bad he doesn't have a chance in hell, but he seems significantly better than Ron Paul as far as libertarian Republicans go. And I'd support most anyone if I thought they'd really fight to legalize marijuana.

    You can tell he has no chance because he appears to be someone who would actually stick to his principles if elected.
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    News & Politics
  6. Its finally time to change my avatar.

    Name:  avatar_1499.gif
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Size:  33.8 KBSee the title, you vote on my new avatar lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PS. I am seriously considering changing my name to match the new Avatar, so choose wisely

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    Ive also got a dancing bear that i cant fit here and willy wonka and other things....

    Updated 09-24-2010 at 01:50 AM by Hollycat

  7. A gentleman never tells

    But I'm not a gentleman

    But I still shouldn't say anything about last night. Damnit doug why are you so perceptive about perverse things.

    [A girl from another dept managed to actually scare me last night. Good job]

    On a slightly related note, I am starting to think that my roommates in university are freaks of nature - they are attractive but not self destructive drunks. I have yet to find attractive (8+) girls who are not self destructive ...
  8. Server Maintenance!

    Which means I get away from FFXIV for a little bit. Well, three hours, anyway. Which is great because something I want to watch is on TV in half an hour. Anyway. Final Fantasy XIV!

    My first impressions were pretty much what I expected - the only major changes from the open beta are that the story has been expanded, you can go to more areas (presumably - I can't verify this as I've only played for a day so far, I'm still too weak to travel that far) and that - most important ...
    Final Fantasy XIV
  9. Well, that went better than I could've imagined.

    There's not a damn thing I feel like I could yell about right now, so I'm gonna yell about that. (I know this is pretty early to be breaking the fourth wall, but let's get the schtick out and then whip your dicks out. Sorry. I just like rhyming cliches.)

    smurf you, brain! There are only so many talents I have. I don't win friends and admirers through my goddamn sweetness, good lucks or intelligence. People like me because I am outsmurfingrageous. I yell and scream and pitch fits, ...
  10. HEY-O

    here's a female cactuarName:  1-2076001-3113-t.jpg
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