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  1. Yoshi´s adventures #2

    once again its a warm day and Yoshi is looking for some adventure.
    he takes a peek under the gate to see what interests the dog but he gets bored of that very quickly, becaus there is nothing interesting to see
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    but then he came with a good idea! lets take the dog for a walk!
    he goes back inside to get the leash.
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    but its so warm outside that even the dog wont walk...
    But yoshi is determent ...
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  2. pretty walls

  3. Not a dog person

    Let me start by stating I love critters and I am proudly owned by several. But last weekend my Dad and Sister who are only home on the weekends and work the rest of the week out of state, brought home a new dog. I can't stand this beast. Now I have 3 others, and I love them and they all get along, but this one is annoying. He pees anytime I try to correct any bad behavior, or if I try to put his lead on, or if I get to close to him, or if I gently push him away when he shoves himself between me ...
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  4. X-Men: Movies of Future Past

    Over my vacation I was able to re-watch most of the movies from the X-Men franchise. I've been a fan of the franchise since my uncle would let me read his comics. Then of course came the great animated series, which for me and maybe others my age, are the definitive X-Men.

    When Days of Future Past came out, I was suddenly excited. Last year's The Wolverine turned out to be a pleasant surprise, so my hopes were high for this one. Fortunately, it didn't fail expectations; it should save ...
  5. Surprise!

    My sister surprised me yesterday. Didn't tell me she was visiting and BAM jumped out and scared me. She lives 17 hrs away so it's super awesome.

    Sisters are awesome!
  6. La Hermanita

    My little sister is coming to NYC to visit me for her birthday in October!!

    I'm so incredibly excited and can't wait.

    I'm beyond proud of her and everything she's accomplished... She had a rough time back when I was dating my ex - her family wasn't supportive and they all wanted to keep her under lock & key..

    And of course it really took a toll on her. She literally was not ever allowed out of the house ever. She had to resort to skipping school and sneaking ...
  7. The other Half

    by , 06-06-2014 at 12:16 AM (Formalhaut: Moonlighting)

    I've sort of let my blog go somewhat, and I didn't really like many of the entries I wrote in it, so I deleted the vast majority of them (I'm left with three now).

    So what's been going on in my life then since my last blog entry? Frankly, a whole bloody heap. Probably the most obvious thing was University this year. After nine months, my first year is finally over and objectively, it ...
    Personal Life
  8. So this happened

    I got stuck at work for a couple of extra hours due to a police-mandated lockdown.

    I didn't get shot, though.

    The shooter is still at large, and apparently people are reporting where they're seeing the cops on social media. How thick do you have to be?
  9. Si Una Vez....

    K so I found my ex's 2 sisters on Facebook.

    I friended the older one and talked to her for a bit, then his little sister that I was also rly close to friended me and we talked quite a bit.

    It was good. Everyone's doing well. The younger sister is engaged and getting married next year,the older one had twins not long after I moved back to Tennessee, and now her older 2 daughters have babies of their own.

    ... My ex is doing well. He's married with kids ...
  10. Yoshi´s adventures #1

    its a lovely warm day and Yoshi feels like going on an adventure.
    he is very curious! and soon he sees a wall covered in Ivy. what will there be on the other side?
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    he is having some trouble becaus his arms are too short and his head too big. but he is determined to get to the other side!
    he dares not to look down!

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    jaaj! he made it!
    as he looks over the fence he notices a nice scooter. ...
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