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  1. Eh

    I just feel that a lot of people here don't really like me. I don't know why I stick around #eoff. I feel no one ever welcomes me if I pop up. I used to feel welcomed in the past, but just lately I seem to be dismissed most of the time. I wish I could just go on about and not care how they perceive me, but I do pretty much care.

    It's mostly the regular chatters that give this off. :<

    I really wish I could be better friends to certain people.

    You're ...
  2. Nose Art: A Brief History of the Bomber Pin-Up Girl

    Nose art on an A-26 Invader.

    Click me!

    Note: Some slightly racy art linked.
    Personal Life
  3. Stepping out of my comfort zone

    Since quitting my job, I've spent much more time at home, and it's caused me to fall back into some of my old agoraphobic ways. I really don't like that I'm like this again, considering that I had done a complete 180.

    Because of that--and also just wanting to make friends and get out and do things--I've joined some Meetup groups. I haven't gone to any events yet, but I'm going to one this Thursday. It's a tabletop game meetup. (If I enjoy it, I might start going to the Wednesday night ...
  4. The lion is on tumblr now...

    by , 05-01-2014 at 11:07 AM (Fynn's positive life blog)
    In case you were interested in my writing but couldn't be bothered with blogspot, I have just the thing! I have recently created a tumblr account, for all my writing needs!

    So read on and reblog!
  5. Things I did this month

    Part of why I decided to do the 365 things is to help get new experiences, stay motivated, and make memories. I'm happy to say that it's only been a month and already it has succeeded. I might fail somewhere along the way, but it's encouraging for now at least!

    I'll do a sum up of the things I did to celebrate my accomplishments because I am happy for myself!

    I came up with an art prompt for the Artination Prompts run by Agent Proto. It was to draw ...
  6. ToraTravels: Shenanigans in Sarajevo with wild dogs, nice food and a lack of purpose

    After a visit to Prague and Milan, I find myself in the formerly war-torn Yugoslavia, hoping to find human drama and a good round of fresh ideas. What I found instead were dogs, Turkish food, American tourists and cheap cappuccinos. Going with a more structured format this time!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Bling bling

    Bosnia was part of the Turkish (Ottoman) empire for hundreds of years, lying on the frontier lands of Christian Europe. ...

    Updated 05-02-2014 at 12:38 AM by kotora

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  7. Back on the wagon

    I decided again to try to quit drinking.

    This isn't easy at all. I'm in the music business, where drinking is like breathing for a lot of people. But I've just lost any sense of enjoyment from my life. Even when I'm drunk, I feel like trout, the only difference is that I'm also drunk.

    So we'll see how it goes this time.
  8. May Lineup

    AKA the month of maybee. Haha! *cough* April has come and gone, I suspect it was devoured by Zerg or something. Now it's time to look to the future!

    5th: Spider-Man 2 Enter: Electro [PSX]
    12th: Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA [PS3]
    19th: Final Fantasy IX [PSX]
    26th: Touhou Koumakyou: The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil [Win]

    In the world of bullet hell, you win or you die. But either way, you will cry.
  9. Guy Fieri's Cajun Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo

    I'ma post this here and then maybe someday when I unlazy myself, I'll COPY & PASTE this bitch into my food blog....

    ......... The food blog I haven't updated since 1995.

    If any of y'all have ever perused through my food blog, then you know my ass don't measure. I just don't. I go by how things look as far as consistency & how they taste as I add ingredients.

    Anyway. This was the first recipe I tried from my Guy Fieri cookbook.. He's the absolute tits. ...

    Updated 04-23-2014 at 11:18 AM by noxious.sunshine

  10. Orange Juice

    So, I thought I really liked orange juice and bought one of those huge, nearly 2L cartons of it yesterday.

    Turns out orange juice is smurfing disgusting without gin.