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  1. *Getting* Vagrant Story

    Hi everyone! It's been more than a while. Graduated College, trying to find work, you know how that goes. It's funny that my first forum post in so long isn't about FFXV, but about a 16 year old game that all of 20 people have played.

    So for about 4 years (on and off), I struggled through Vagrant Story, every time I felt like I understood its mechanics, I would immediately be thrown back down to earth with a new enemy type (screw the gremlins, the little Satan-spawns). Somehow, I miraculously ...
  2. Harmonia has been released!

    by , 09-23-2016 at 03:47 PM (Karifean's Blog of Visual Novels)

    Key fans rejoice, a brand new Key visual novel has been released! Not localized, but actually released for the first time. And I know what you're thinking, well I can't read Japanese so I can't read it, right? Wrong, because for whatever reason Key/Visual Art's decided to release the game in English before it's even out in Japan!

    Steam Store Page: ...
  3. Video Game Fashions: Pigtails!

    So for some reason, anime video game ladies like to wear pigtails, even when they're thirty. Haha, who am I kidding, like video game women are allowed to be 30 lol.

    But seriously, pigtails can look really good or really bad. I get very easily irritated at certain pigtail style. But there are some good ones too, regardless of age! I'm also including braided pigtails.

    Should we start with a video game I haven't even played yet? Why yes, yes we should! It is sitting on my ...
  4. Final Fantasy New Order (fan made)

    Pick your JOB!

    HP 1000 lVUP +500
    MP 50 LVUP +25
    SP 5 LVUP +5
    Str 4 LVUP +4
    Def 2 LVUP +2
    Mag 4 LVUP +4
    Spr 2 LVUP +2
    Skill 2 LVUP +2
    Talent 4 LVUP +4
    Accuracy 4 LVUP +2
    Luck 2 LVUP +2
    Speed 2 LVUP +2
    (Certain armors double stat builds when equipped at level up)

    Lv 1 (M) = Magic (S) =Skill
    Recover - Cures 50% of targets max HP
    Heal - Cures all negative status ...
  5. Go fund me. Or don't. (Please do)

    It's been a damn long time since I've posted here, and if I'm being honest it may be a long time before I post regularly again, but I am in need of your help, EoFF.

    I'm throwing this in the blog because I'm not sure if the rules permit me to muck up the forums with pleas for help.

    Seven months ago my girlfriend left my daughter and I to pursue a relationship with a woman she works with. She moved out and for about two weeks she lied to me about where she was living, ...
  6. *Looks at Today's Posts link*

    Shall we just rename the site "Eyes on Pokemon"?
  7. Political correctness?

    Quote Originally Posted by Spuuky View Post
    Let us have a moment of silence to begin 2016 for all the lives tragically lost due to PC Culture.
    Oh the foreshadowing that happened in that thread on 1st Jan...

    (I'm going through some of the more controversial topics to see how sane this place is nowadays. Pleased to see it mostly is. There are not many sane places left on the internet when it comes to discussion of social issues and politics)
    News & Politics
  8. Oi you !

    This is my blog not yours .....LEAVE
  9. Goal check in and new goals!

    Something I was doing on another site, I'll share it here as well!

    July goals:
    -Get most of the bills paid off Yup!
    -Finish Undertale. I keep dragging it out Did this one too!
    -Finish FE: Birthright Also done!
    -Go to the gym 4x a week Staying firm at 5x a week, minus one day when I injured my back.
    -Cut down on snacking Ehhhh mostly.
    -Try some origami I did, but I only did one thing. I should try more.
    -Go to the Saturday market Just did this ...

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  10. Character Appreciation: Lailah

    Today we will be taking time to appreciate Lailah, from Tales of Zestiria! Lailah is a Seraph, a spiritish being who cannot be seen by most humans. She's also the main character's Prime Lord, meaning she can make a pact with him which allows for special powers and the like. Her true name is Fethmus Mioma, which means Lailah the Pure.

    Lailah is very wise and intelligent, but she likes to act goofy and playful. She "reads ...