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  1. "You can't yell fire in a crowded theater"

    Well no trout, Sherlock.

    The fact that you can't yell fire in a crowded theater is a point brought up in almost every debate about free speech in the US. And it has annoyed the hell out of me for years. It's always used as a justification for free speech being absolute, which is a position no one ever argues to begin with, during debates over whether a certain form of censorship is good or not. But unless the censorship at issue involves yelling fire in theaters, the point makes ...
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  2. My Little Pony Marathon

    Who''s up for a Pony Marathon?

    Seasons 1 and 2.

    Season 1 in its entirety from midnight to... whenever and Season 2 in its entirety from 12:00 PM to whenever.

    Be there or be square. Or whatever.

    I'm gonna assplode if no one joins me.
  3. Been Pretty Ill

    That's why I've only posted a few times in the last few days. When I get to feeling better I will finish up the archive, the glossary, and chapter one of awakenings.
  4. Shazam

    Man, I swear. If it's not one thing its another lately. This is more of me venting, so if you don't want to know about that or if you don't care, move along.

    It's just been one thing after another lately, though.

    Work has been terrible, lately. Writeups and stuff, for no real reason.

    I take my car to get my oil changed, turns out I need new brakes. Yay. So a $25 oil change ends up being a $200 repair. Whoop.

    My phones breaking. It doesn't ...
  5. Status Report: Exhausted

    So my vacation is now officially half over. So far during this vacation I have accomplished precisely jack with regards to Operation Wanker, but I'm on vacation, so screw it.

    Productive day in FFXI today, though; Got Super Christ his subjob items and upgraded a couple of pieces of Empyrean armour. Unfortunately it does not look like I will be able to solo the legs upgrade, which was the armour piece that is most desperately in need of improvement.

    Been getting up ...
  6. So, I feel great!

    Let me start with this: I just got my blue belt in Kung Fu after 2 months of training there. Blue belt is the 3rd belt, and I believe it's time I think if it's worth continuing.

    In these 2 months, how I use/treat my body has changed entirely. My body doesn't feel like a burden, it just feels... right. I've learned how to use it properly, and I've started developing a lot of good habits just from taking Kung Fu. It's been a far more fun and challenging workout than when I used to go ...
  7. present for BF

    if there is something that im bad in.. it is picking out birthday presents!!
    usualy i would just give some money, but i cant do that in this case :P

    next month its my boyfriends birthday and im clueless!!
    its my first bf, and the first year that his birthday comes across..

    and i wanna give him something meaninfull :o

    im not a girlish girl, so im not a type that comes with jewlery or something like that.

    any tips or hints? :P
  8. eh, I wish I had made most of these....

    I don't care, some I did make, but not all of them. However, I wish I had entered them for the smiley contest. no big loss.


    This should be :proto:, right? Wright? or :wrighto:
    Fighting for... justice! :apollo:
    Edgeworth is not pleased. :edgey:
    Sorry pal, didn't hear ya there. ...
  9. VII years now here!!! VII freaking years of my Eyes on this site!!! bigsmile:

    Dear Eoff and Eoffers and who this might concern,

    I think I just have to make one of this every year!! Hahaha, the last one was in 2011. This has to be the only site in my life that I still frequent after 7 freaking years!!

    I must say this site hasn't really lost its charm although it is not as active & vibrant as it used to be. It really can't be helped. There are just too many other games out there taking people away from the Final Fantasy series. I ...
  10. USA credit rating dropped again



    let's not forget that this was caused by voters who authorized representatives who persistently allowed low interest loans to artificially bubble different markets, which distributes wealth from honest and productive citizens toward the vested class of individuals, making everybody except the vested class poorer, raising prices of everything, and generally making people's lives worse off.