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  1. Replaying FFXV

    [QUOTE=Wolf Kanno;3719432]Alright, finished Altissia and Episode Ignis. I am still processing how I feel about everything. I both love and hate Episode Ignis, and I can say that Altissia didn't age as well as I would have liked. I'll elaborate later when I have more time to think about it.[/QUOTE

    Fior some reason I have been unable to reach a point in the day these days wherein I really want to o go through the whole update process to try this. I'm mostly just playing the lioy splitting ...
  2. The Devil Part VIII - Devil may Cry now.

  3. The Devill Part VII - "This one Went Nowhere"

  4. The Devil Part VI - Crime

  5. The Devil Part V - The Incident - Cookie stolen, surveillance maintained!

    The Devil Part V (more to come!) - "If I was a cookie, would you eat me?"

    variations on this - my old psychiatrist's symptom checklist questions - one of which was - "Have you been eating chocolate" my response "Can I have some?"

    or "Pepsi cola, coca cola" best drink ever pepsi and bitters "the whitney houston shake!"
  6. The Devil Part IV - The Introduction!

  7. The Devil Part III - An Real Classic!

    Here is fatalimpurity's original The Devil post that started it all!!
  8. Finished FFXII

    I finished Final Fantasy XII and by far I can say it is my least favorite game which is a bummer because I really love the world of Ivalice.

    My biggest gripe is the battle system mechanics -- I felt like there were certain things I wanted to do but did not have the proper spell to do them. I'd chalk this up to me not really trying to learn the mechanics of the game. It is also the only title that took me a long time to complete in terms of playing the game and not in-game hours. I racked ...
  9. FF12 and quick life update

    Been a cool minute since I updated.

    Picked up where I left off from Final Fantasy XII: Zodiac Age. This game is turning out to be more of a time sink than I had anticipated. Overall, I feel if I had more time I'd thoroughly enjoy the game and the battle system. Not wanting to detract from original intent in finishing all the main titles of Final Fantasy and their spin offs, I decided to power through once again. Except this time I'm doing it offline since setting up a streaming schedule ...
  10. I don't have anything interesting to say but I am still here.

    by , 10-12-2022 at 07:42 PM (This can be a foot to the lame.)
    Quote Originally Posted by Psychotic View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Quintuky fied Chicken View Post
    Truth is, I was always Christmas.
    Mate don't flatter yourself, you're not even Boxing Day.
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