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    Suikoden IV is still a decent game, it just has the misfortune of being woefully outclassed by the rest of the series.

    Some of its weaknesses were made up for by just how easy and streamlined they made everything. Everyone hated how slow you moved in S3? Great, now you travel at light speed (with the mind-boggling exception of the world map, also the only place in the game with a high encounter rate). Everyone hated the Tinto mines? Great, the longest dungeon now takes 67 seconds to traverse (not including the last one). Even the menus; I remember S4 doing something with the menu and equipment UIs that S5 erased for some reason.

    The lackluster main cast and the relatively bland story make it the weakest in the series. The brevity and relative ease of navigating it at least make it less painful to get through.
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