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  1. A Break From The COVID-19 News

    I mean, I think we deserve it. The virus is clouding the news, Facebook newsfeeds, and just media in general. The corona virus popped up in my Reddit timeline as well. Mastodon, not so much, Instagrams had a few mentions here and there. I am actually just self isolating myself, despite not even having travelled at all this year.
    Iíve taken it upon myself to learn a computer language, I picked up the book Learn Python the Hard Way (3rd edition). I canít say that I hate it either, learning how ...
  2. Oh, God, yes. Talk nerdy to me.

    So this is what a terabyte feels like. Ooooh, yeah. This is nice. So much free space. Unf.

    Today I installed my new TB hard drive and moved most of my datas to it. I still have my OS and shizzle on my 1/2TB, so I have 1.5TB now. Which isn't a ton but it's more than I had before, having spent the last year-ish hovering between 5GB and 200MB of free space left on my primary drive.

    BJ, of course, had to get a 1.5TB drive. Always has to do just a little better than me. ...
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