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  1. Games tha are distracting me from playing other games...

    by , 12-10-2023 at 06:09 AM (Wolf Kanno's Crazy Ramblings and Incoherent Statements)
    Since I'm doing a marathon, I thought it would be fun to list the games that are distracting me from actually finishing said marathon.

    FFXV ~ MGS: Peace Walker and SaGa Scarlet Graces
    FFXIII ~ Breath of Fire 1-3 and MechCommander Gold
    XIII-2 ~ Romancing Saga Re:Universe and FF: Opera Omnia

    Will update more in the future...
  2. One of these things...

    One of these things is not like the other,
    one of these things just doesn't belong!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raistlin View Post
    Only every night when I'm in bed. It makes my naughty bits feel funny.
    I often wondered why we say something feels funny. How does humor tie to it? Or perhaps Raistlin's naughty bits make him laugh? Or perhaps chuckle? Or maybe chortle or giggle or guffaw? I wonder if his naughty bits ever made him laugh so hard he squirted milk out his nose? But that wouldn't be funny, that would just be unpleasant. Then you smell warm milk all day and there's really no humor in that. Come to think ...