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  1. Decision made (Vana'diel Chronicles)

    So I'm definitely going ahead with Vana'diel Chronicles after my secret project; the idea has been taking off in my head. Problem is, I only have 3 volunteers out of six needed.

    So here's what I'm going to do: If I don't get my other 3 volunteers, I'll conscript 3 forum members. I'm thinking V22 and HC. If V22 isn't on staff by then, I'll fill in the third slot with a staff member, and if he is, I'll conscript Iceglow.

    Here's the catch, though: If I have to conscript ...

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  2. I can't sleep.

    I'm not a Nervous Nellie, by and large. There are some things I don't like doing because they make me uncomfortable or I simply have a distaste for them, but I don't ever really have much anxiety. It's more like knowing you have to wash the dishes but being a grumpface about it.

    That being said, I'm kind of nervous tonight. I started a new job recently with the major hospital and health system in the area. The clinic I'm working in is called a Delta clinic, meaning it's kind of ...
  3. Cid's Knight Competition Round Four

    by , 09-04-2012 at 11:15 PM (This can be a foot to the lame.)
    I am quite drunk. Excuse my inevitable typos.

    1) Loony BoB has told Psychotic to "shut the smurf up". We don't allow swearing! We also don't allow people to order other people around in such a manner. Loony BoB has been a bad boy. He needs to be punished. What do you do?
    Snip the post, then bitch about how CKs can't ban Admins even when the they're blatantly breaking the rules. If I could ban him, I'd give him a short term ban to see if he cools off. Repeat ...
  4. Delay...but worth it, and more on FFXI Spoof project

    I just had an awesome idea.

    Once the CK competition and FFV Revisited are over and I've finished up my next 2 frontsite articles, I'm not going to get started on a FFXI spoof right away. I have a secret project that I'm not going to announce until it's done, but I assure you it will be more awesome than a Death Star filled with hyperintelligent bears with laser eyes.

    It will be a blast from the past; it will not be EoFF-related but I'll post it here. It will be something ...

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  5. Project Pitch: FFXI Spoof?

    It's looking like FFV Revisited! will probably wrap up on Saturday, if I maintain the same pace I've been doing; after that, I intend to do a couple of actual FFXI-related articles for the front site, but after that, the time I've had dedicated to EoFF should get freed up, CK-competition permitting. I've been thinking of what to do next.

    What about writing a story or stories, narrative-style, covering the events that occur in the primary story arc of FFXI, done as a spoof?

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  6. Lalala

    I wish I could sing better.

    Also that I was a viera.

    One wish at a time I suppose.
  7. 'More experience'

    My quest for a job contineus,
    i got rejected on the last one becaus they needed someone with 'more experience'

    .. i really hate those 2 words.
    Im fresh from school, but how am i going to get experience when nobody gives me a chance start gaining some?
    they are always looking for '16 year olds with atleast 10 year experience' -.-

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  8. Dear Diary

    Today I was playing Call of Duty MW2 on PSN, and I began absentmindedly singing smile,smile,smile. The first reaction was someone cursing at me, so I stopped. Then a moment later, two more people began singing the song, so I joined in. By the end of the game, 3 other people were singing FiM songs. Today was a good day.
  9. Vote Obama

    The toronto maple leafs (sic) is by far the worst hockey team in existence. This is a team whose fan base is absolutely esctatic if they manage to reach the playoffs. Because they can never reach the finals much less secure a stanley cup; this is the best they can do in any given season, and thus you can see the fanbase' response correspond to a realization of reality. Their only realization - as a honest fanbase would quit supporting such a lousy, shoddy team.

    Compare this to the ...
  10. I got banned from /r/conservative

    Hahahhahahaha So funny. I was checking it to see their opinion of the RNC and I had made this post.

    This is my first venture into /r/conservative and I'm not liking it. Not because of your political affiliation of that being "conservative" but in the way I'm seeing most users post. I really dislike people using the term "liberal" as a derogatory term. Or the insinuating fact that all liberals are "idiots." I'm not liking this. Not liking this at all.

    I got banned soon ...