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Eyes on Final Fantasy

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  1. the cloud and tifa "THING"

    it seems like most people aare arguing whether Cloud likes Tifa or Aerith better........gosh! you guys are making it so complicated lah! sure,I like Aerith...but she just lacks that certain oomph......I mean,Tifa is Cloud's childhood friend and they ARE living together (theyre taking care of two that kinda makes them somewhat like a family)....
    some say that Cloud is more open and relaxed with Aerith..but have you ever considered that he may be shy with Tifa (and guilty cuz he thinks ...
  2. Alteration Command

    Mike Thomas can utilize his powers to alter the physical state of the world. Depending on the intent and amount of power allocated, he can defy the laws of physics and science to produce astounding results.

    This manifests in the Alteration Command.

    Here are the details below:

    Command: !Alteration
    Description: Physically alters the immediate area according to the wishes of the user.
    Details: At Level 1, the Alteration command has the following ...
  3. Misreading thread titles.

    So it happens to us from time to time. Let's see...

    "The Picture Thread of Why Do Girls Smell Like Snail Sex?"

    ">> Girls must be banished from the world..."

    Actually, that's all I can come up with now, perhaps there are more that I can't think of at the moment.

  4. Five EoFFers and Five Things I Wish They Blogged About

    1. Miriel: In-depth food recipes for Mexican and Korean cuisine.

    2. Rocket Edge : Bob Ross-like how-to vlogs, or blogs about painting and illustrating.

    3. I'm My Own MILF: Drunk blogs. Blogs where he only makes when he's completely piss faced.

    4. Levian: The many faces of Levian. Picture blog of Levian making a different face (preferably a ghetto one) for each day of the year. Starting from day 1 and continuing onward the whole 365 days. Just because. ...
  5. Have you played? Do you enjoy it?

    This is a (long, now that I finished!) rant about trolling! And also perhaps people who are just easily frustrated by a video game and like to talk about it a lot.

    Obviously (for some, not all - but yeah, note the category this blog is in!), this stems from my recent reading of / posting in a few forums throughout the web.

    Basically, I'm wondering how many people have a purpose in going to a forum to slate a game they don't like. I can understand people who do like ...
  6. An Apology

    Not worth a thread so whatever.

    Let's just say if it wasn't for the collective help of Psychotic and rubah, I'd probably be banned now.

    Now, if I at any point seemed mean, shallow, annoying, or stupid, please hear me out. I am not any of those things. In fact, I'm actually a pretty well-spoken and intelligent person irl. I'm moderately successful, have a good repetoire of friends, and I am generally pretty average in terms of sexuality.

    I guess at EoFF I ...


    The kids at my school have the style of a Sunday School teacher. It's boring, bland, overly conservative, and largely consiting of only three brands. (Hollister, Aeropostale, and American Eagle.) THAT IS NOT THE POINT OF FASHION. You're supposed to make a statement, if you're going to dress exactly. the. same. then why bother?

    I order my clothes online (imported from Japan, France, and England) and go to stores like Express, Banana Republic, and Passport. ...
  8. Is it comic time? Yes it is.

    You can find the template here: Link
  9. Something that passed me by in late August.

    I've now been registered at EoFF for over ten years. Go me? Probably actively posting for just as long, too. I think I've only taken one month off, so yeah... crazy.
  10. Keepin' Busy.

    I knew when I decided to go back to school that these would ostensibly the last days where I could live 'freely'. That is, before I get tied down to a permanent job or a permanent Significant Other. I also knew that I wouldn't have a lot of break time, due to the schedule the school set up (i.e. my Summer break ended in July, been in school from then until now).

    That term ended last week, and I was looking forward to the break until my cousin told me she'd be getting married in Canada. ...
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