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  1. why?

    i love the serie The Tudors.
    lately ive really been following it and the story really atracts me.
    but why do these kind of great series have to get ruined by those (for the formality) love making scenes?
    those scenes are just a little too much over the top and make it kind of awkward, and it makes me feel that i have to hide it from my parents....

    what if they walk in in in the middle of one of those scenes? thatll give them the wrong ideas, lol...

    Im ...
  2. :kakapo:

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  3. New blog! Been a while...

    Hey guys, I know! I promised a blog every week...But im a busy guy! Hope you've all been holding up well!.
    Right lets get down to business, Gonna give more insight into my life, some game talk etc. Hope you guys enjoy!

    Just recently had my leavers ball for college, for a last hurrah! It was pretty fun! Got pretty drunk and discovered purple rain for the first time... x] Sad to think that i wont see a lot of the people there ever again, but we gotta move on dont we? Now the ...
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