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Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy is a video game series that most people at this website like. Some of them like it so much, they write about it in their blog. Hence, this category.

  1. 59 Reviews

    In honor of the big six. O. I'm coming to on the 7th I thought I'd go ahead and link to all of the reviews I've done in the past three years. I figured it'd be all right to do in a blog since I saw shion link to hers before. Let me know what you do think if you do take the time to read any of them. Feedback is always welcome and I don't get enough of it.

    1.) Monster Rancher

    2.) Crash Bandicoot

    3.) Croc: Legend of the Gobbos

    4.) Spyro the Dragon ...

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  2. April Lineup

    I tried posting this earlier but the wind kept knocking out the power. It was very annoying. Anyways now that March is pretty much behind us here's my schedule for the Month of April.

    7th: WWF Attitude [PSX]
    14th: Assassin's Creed III [X360]
    21st: StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty [PC]
    28th: Final Fantasy VII [PSX]

    And yes, I will be doing a Let's Play thread for VII. Are you excited? I'm excited. (ACIII sucks) but it follows American history! (I rest my ...
  3. ToriJ's FF Library

    I was bored and felt like making a list of FF titles played, owned, beat, etc.

    Final Fantasy
    Final Fantasy II
    Final Fantasy V
    Final Fantasy VI
    Final Fantasy VII
    Dirge of Cerberus
    Final Fantasy VIII
    Final Fantasy IX
    Final Fantasy X
    Final Fantasy X-2
    Final Fantasy XI
    Final Fantasy XII
    Final Fantasy XIII
    Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

    Final Fantasy Origins
    Final ...

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  4. Final Fantasy meets Metal.

    Dudes dudes dudes! watch this really watch this! It's just wow. I can't even begin to I just.

    and again! Too much fun!
  5. One of these things...

    One of these things is not like the other,
    one of these things just doesn't belong!

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  6. Final Fantasy VIII makes my Top Ten List

    My review of Final Fantasy VIII has just garnered enough hits to make it my top ten list which is as followed,

    1.) WWF War Zone (146)
    2.) Dark Souls (100)
    3.) Pokemon Red/Blue (80)
    4.) Super Mario Bros/Sonic the Hedgehog (66)
    5.) Darksiders (61)
    6.) Sailor Moon: Another Story (58)
    7.) Atari Anniversary Edition Redux (52)
    8.) Devil May Cry (50)
    9.) Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (50)
    10.) Final Fantasy VIII (47)

    There seems ...
  7. Next Final Fantasy Reviews are...

    And one by one fiends will die by my hand
    A look at what I've become...
    This fantasy is far from final
    The best has yet to come...

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  8. January lineup confirmed!

  9. Jiro, Kent, Shion & Death are going on a adventure...

    well since i lost my ff1 saves i decided to mix up my party

    warrior - Jiro
    thief - Kent
    white mage - Shion
    black mage - Death

    i wanted to name death protatoe but it would not fit >.>

    anyway since i found out i have to finish ff2 on easymode before playing on normal mode i decided to start ff1 on easymode that way i would not be used to normal and completely blaze through ff2 xD

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  10. LadyYuna's Top 20 Final Fantasy Songs List

    Top 20 Final Fantasy Songs:














    #14: Battle With the Four Fiends (FFIV)

    #15: Something to Protect (FFIX)

    #16: Ending Theme (FFXII)

    #17: Elia, the

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