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  1. Soul searching time.


    im only 12 and what is this


    Ubiktune: [UBI035] C-jeff— Preschtale
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  3. To-oi Can'tn

    haloi ill yoshirubn nu-te qual de vri?
  4. This blog has a picture of an Otter.

    Kitties of the sea mothersmurfers.
  5. Moving up in the world

    I am now the number one stock holder of betterhomes realestate llc.

    you may now shower me with praise and money requests.
  6. The KaiserDragon Speaks, you noobs shall listen!

    Apparently I have been an idiot, I woke up in the middle of my sleepy time and decided to be an idiot and moan like a top dollar hookah!

    Yep, I bitched at one of the mods, I completely misinterpreted what he said and I behaved like one of these:

    So I decided I would make a blog to allow all of you guys to poke fun at me without the risk of being banned from EoEO, go ahead, call me an idiot I deserve it. ...
  7. Font

  8. On Cutting

    I got a super sexy paper cutter! I've had it for a few days, but I'm just now really getting the hang of it. It was a "business expense," and so far I'm using it to re-design and semi-mass produce my packaging.

    The set of cards I made to pin my Legend of Zelda earrings came out really nice, I think.

    I'm working on a lot of new things to put up. I have BJ's grandpa's... like suit ...
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  9. Year One

    Today marks one year since my friend Brent died.

    His mom found him within the 5 o'clock hour. He'd been crushed under his truck when it rolled back on him.

    The passing of a year hasn't done very much in changing the horror of it all. When it crosses my mind all I can think of is how little he deserved to suffer as he did.

    Because he suffered until his last breath.

    A lot of my friends and family are posting to his facebook memorial ...
  10. Famous on the internet

    I got tumbled.

    Nooooo, hipsters! NOOOOOOOOOOO!