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  1. Interesting Routes: Yuiko Kurugaya

    by , 03-23-2016 at 03:36 AM (Karifean's Blog of Visual Novels)

    Every now and then you come across a character route that stands out above the others. A route that breaks conventions and does something interesting you wouldn't normally expect. One such route is Kurugaya's from Little Busters.

    Overall the character routes in Little Busters are rather formulaic. Boy hangs out with girl, girl runs into problems, boy solves them, happy end. Basic stuff. Although Little Busters gets away with ...
  2. Zero Time Dilemma News

    by , 03-17-2016 at 07:38 PM (Karifean's Blog of Visual Novels)
    So I was thinking of making a special for my #100th blog post, but I was letting news pass me by like crazy while trying to come up with good ideas. So screw it, this is something that needs to get posted.

    If any of you are Zero Escape fans you might already know this, but Zero Time Dilemma, the third and final entry in the series, has finally gotten a release window, a trailer, and information regarding what the game will be like.

    Players ...

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  3. Character Appreciation: Jessica

    Jessica is a character in the survival horror game Until Dawn. She is 18, 17 in the prologue, and is dating another one of the main characters named Mike.

    At first, Jess seems like a mean spirited cheerleader type, putting others down, playing pranks on everyone, not afraid to get bitchy. This part of her can be pretty grating, but we soon learn she has a softer ...
  4. Final Fantasy VII Walk Through (self made)

    ==Joe W. Clark’s Final Fantasy VII Walkthrough ==

    ===Disk 1 Midgar ===

    The game starts out with a fight against two guards. You can simply
    use the attack command to eliminate them.

    Note you can use magic but
    that will drain away the little mp you got so use it carefully. Also
    you can guard by holding in right and change row by holding in left
    and clicking the ok button to finish the request.

  5. Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Review

    by , 03-12-2016 at 09:53 PM (Karifean's Blog of Visual Novels)
    Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc is a visual novel developed by Spike. It was originally exclusive to portable systems but has recently found its way onto the Steam Store.


    The story of Danganronpa is set in Hope's Peak Academy, a special educational institution for students that stand out above the rest; each of them is the "Ultimate" of their respective field: there's the "Ultimate ...
  6. Video Game Fashions: Trails of Cold Steel II

    So I am currently playing a game called The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel and I am loving it. Luckily for me, the second game is scheduled for release in the Fall! Not only will it be more awesome game to play BUT they have even better outfits in the second game because they are not stuck in their uniforms

    Alisa's outfit looks much like her school one but better. Cute shirt, skirt, and shoes!

    [img] ...
  7. Awesome Games You Should Know About: RosenkreuzStilette

    Sometimes I realize the amusing state of the Mega Man franchise, where the company doesn't particularly care about it, but fans and other developers (or the original dev) still do. It has created a franchise where fans are making better unofficial releases than Capcom is official ones, and, I have to say, I'm pretty okay with that. In fact, I'm so okay with it that I want to share one of these fan games with all of you today:


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  8. Favorite Game Characters: Aisha

    Pumpkin's Character Appreciation posts reminded me of the old 'Favorite Game Character' thread, which was a lot of fun, so I figured I'd follow in her footsteps. So . . . glory to the olden times and good ideas! Let's kick this off with probably the newest person I could put on this list:

    Aisha (Romancing SaGa)

    Name:  Aisha_art.png
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    In a way it is hard to pick a favorite character from the original Romancing SaGa, as the majority of the game's events that ...
  9. Character Appreciation: Totooria (Totori) Helmold

    Totori Helmold is a character from the Atelier series, specifically Atelier Arland. She is in both Atelier Totori and Atelier Meruru, and gets a special guest star appearance in Atelier Rorona Plus. She is 13 years old at the start of Atelier Totori and 19 years old at the start of Atelier Meruru.

    Totori is a young alchemist who was "trained" by Rorona, the ...
  10. Character Appreciation: Alice Tsukagami

    Alice Tsukagami, a.k.a. Alice the Rabbit, is a character from the Bloody Roar series. She first appears in the original, where she is a young girl of 17, and is still in the 4th game where she is a young woman of 24. She is Japanese with a German mother and she hates onions, much like myself.

    Alice is a beast person like all of the characters in Bloody Roar and ...