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  1. Experimentation

    Del Tony seems to think a themed blog of me yelling at people would be popular.


    This month marks my 7-year anniversary of EoFF. EoFF is now the longest relationship I've ever had.

    And you smurfers didn't even get me a present!
  2. What I'll be blogging about.

    I have been thinking about this for the last few days, and I think I will mainly be blogging about two things!

    1. Treasures & Adventures
    2. Games reviews, mainly horror.

    1. Treasures and Adventures.
    I love mysteries, I like exploring things and investigating things. Sadly, this is not very common things in every day life, in fact it only ever happens in movies and games. So since nobody will give me anything to solve, I will give it to them. I've had ...
  3. candy land

    There is a new:

    Pirates of the Carribean Movie

    and a:

    Transformers Movie

    coming out soon!

    Now you know
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  4. Transmogrification Command

    Amanda can utilize her powers in battle to transform an enemy combatant into an another state of being.

    This manifests in the Transmogrification command.

    Here are the details below:

    Command: !Transmogrification
    Description: Alters the molecular structure of a living being to transform it into something else.
    Details: At Level 1, the Transmogrification command has the following success rates:
    - 15% Chance of Transform: Toad (U)
    - 15% ...
  5. Formula One Chat - As of Italy

    I really need a place to splurge about Formula One. Most people on F1 forums are hyped-up motorhead fanboys who'll support there favourite driver no matter how he ridiculously he may have driven and it's just about impossible to get my point across without being flamed. Even though the season's already down to it's 14th race out of 19 and even though to my knowledge, no one of EoFF follows Formula One, I'm going to push on with this anyway. It doesn't matter if no one reads this - I'm doing this ...
  6. It's coming...

    Well now that EoFF has blogs, I've decided to use mine for the purpose of updating the VG Babes of the Week, since I believe it would make more sense to use a blog rather than an ongoing thread. Besides, the thread is starting to slowly die down as it is, so this would be a good opportunity to introduce it into the blogs. Before I start updating my blog with its first babe, I figure to give the thread a week before moving on. Figure I give it the rest of the month to give it one last hurrah. Not ...
  7. Fantasy Football - Week 1

    I'm going to post my thoughts on my EoFF fantasy football team here.

    In Week 1 I barely lost to eestlinc. If the Chargers were able to hold onto a last minute TD pass from Rivers I would have won it, but you can come up with plays every week for every team like that. My biggest disappointment was lack of production from my RBs (Williams and Harrison).

    It is now Week 2 and I am playing edczxcvbnm. His team has already played and my team has one player left to play tomorrow. ...
  8. Blogging and Tim Minchin

    Contrary to some oldbies, I am actually mildly interested in this blog feature. I will semi-regularly have thoughts on an issue that I want to type up and open to discussion, but for one reason or another would not be suitable for an EoFF thread. I have off-and-on considered making my own blog for the variety of issues which interest me (religion/atheism/law/criminal justice/science/etc.), but I have been too lazy. But now I have a spot here I can post whatever the hell I want, so I might take advantage ...

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  9. A message from my sponsor:

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    proceed as planned

    this blog is going to become a spamming zone..
  10. Video dump