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  1. Humans vs. Aliens

    Since March of this year I've been designing a turn based strategy game with my best friend. No code has hit the computer yet, and it doesn't even have a proper name, but we've been designing and playtesting on paper so far and it has undergone a lot of different stages and we've faced a lot of problems and triumphs getting this thing to be fun. So I figured why not use my blog here to talk about it a bit, particularly in regards to the development process so far, especially since I think a lot ...
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  2. Me! Meeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    1) First person you become good friends with on EoFF, to your recollection.
    2) Two members you PM with the most.
    3) The third word in your most recent post.
    4) Four banned members (OFF THE TOP OF YOUR HEAD, NO CHEATING):
    5) Five people you'd like to have a meet-up with.

    Robb is the first person at EoFF I became good friends with. I don't know who I PM with the most as it changes over time - the top two overall, though, are smittenkitten and Jess (not Rye, ...
  3. Don't look here.

    I think the point of my pointless blog space on this forum will be to attempt to amuse all of you, to various small degrees, on any given day.

    So click on this!
  4. needles(s) violence


    2400 NEEDLES!!!!
    fweh, glad thats out of my system
  5. Mognet Messaging

    I found while cleaning through my inbox that private message titles usually fall into a few specific categories.

    There are the greetings: Hello! Hi! Heya, hiya, hey, yo, holla, and HEY YOU, hey there, harro, sup playa!

    I have a ton of those. Followed next by the non-word titles:

    =), >=(, !!!!, ????, ^_^, : mad2 :

    And then there are plenty of the random ones: Antlers, lizard, horseback riding, krøll, "Today I saw a guy wearing a t-shirt ...

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  6. One day later...

    Search Index count: 904750 and counting at 250 a pop. UARGH.

    So far, so good. The expected grumbles, the expected conflicting interests, and definitely the expected slow but steady progress. Actually, that's a bit unfair - thanks to many people, this has been progressing pretty quickly. Before we went live, Marshall Banana in particular was immense for a good few months where she almost (almost! Not gonna forget the efforts of rubah/Rantz/etc) single-handedly got the styles looking ...
  7. I'm calling it now

    This is going to go the same way as 'social groups' which were all the rage for a few minutes after the last upgrade


    Q: What's the difference between a pigeon?

    A: None. Both sides look the same. Especially the left one.
  9. This is a blog post.

  10. Final Fantasy V: The Impossible Dream?

    I love Final Fantasy V. Final Fantasy V is fun, cute, funny, and witty. Final Fantasy V's system is unique. Final Fantasy V is better than Final Fantasy XIII. Then why have I finished FFXIII without finishing FFV? What am I doing so wrong? Perhaps FFV's perfect leveling up system distracts me so! But not this time! As I approach ExDeath's castle, I will finish this game, NeoExDeath shall be vanquished! ...

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