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  1. Happy and Nervous about returning to college

    I'm getting a little bit used to what Blogs are, so here goes.

    So SOMEHOW i managed to get money for college again. i havent been in atleast 6 weeks so im a bit worried if i can catch up and also what the others will think, like will they think im lazy? maybe their right. but ill be safe and stick alone. if all goes well ill be so happy, programmings tough though but i gotta win. i gotta win for Mae Sefie Jen Night Fury and all you others. thank you. i hope it works
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  2. Waht are the chances?

    What do you guys think are the chances that Squenix will remake FF7 for PSP
    Or make a new tactics for PSP

    Also, whoever ate my sandwich, not cool
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  3. This time tomorrow, hopefully I'll be playing FFXIV.

    It's more than likely that I'll still be downloading and installing patches while looking into the various vB4 issues, but hey, a guy can hope! I'm really excited about getting the game, I gotta say. I enjoyed the beta a lot, but I'd stopped playing after I got to about level 10 with my various classes and did the second storyline mission... There was no real point in continuing for me as I knew that it would be leveling etc. just to have it all wiped once the beta closed. But yeah. Soon! Hopefully ...
  4. Experimentation

    Del Tony seems to think a themed blog of me yelling at people would be popular.


    This month marks my 7-year anniversary of EoFF. EoFF is now the longest relationship I've ever had.

    And you smurfers didn't even get me a present!