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  1. Winter sucks.

    Because I get tired so much earlier than usual. I hate that! I'm falling asleep before 11pm, and that's just weird for me. I'm not enjoying it one bit. Time I'd usually spend going online and playing FFXIV or chatting with people has lately been spent watching TV instead. I'm barely remembering to have dinner. This never happened in NZ, it's just the Scottish winter... it gets dark so early and having to close your windows to keep the heat in also means you get a real lack of fresh air circulating ...
  2. Have you played? Do you enjoy it?

    This is a (long, now that I finished!) rant about trolling! And also perhaps people who are just easily frustrated by a video game and like to talk about it a lot.

    Obviously (for some, not all - but yeah, note the category this blog is in!), this stems from my recent reading of / posting in a few forums throughout the web.

    Basically, I'm wondering how many people have a purpose in going to a forum to slate a game they don't like. I can understand people who do like ...
  3. This time tomorrow, hopefully I'll be playing FFXIV.

    It's more than likely that I'll still be downloading and installing patches while looking into the various vB4 issues, but hey, a guy can hope! I'm really excited about getting the game, I gotta say. I enjoyed the beta a lot, but I'd stopped playing after I got to about level 10 with my various classes and did the second storyline mission... There was no real point in continuing for me as I knew that it would be leveling etc. just to have it all wiped once the beta closed. But yeah. Soon! Hopefully ...