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  1. I wrote a thing about Game of Thrones

    And it got posted on Shorty's site. I played the new Telltale's game back when it came out on December 2nd and loved it to pieces. So, when I got in touch with Shorty about doing a guest post I decided Game of Thrones would be the perfect topic to talk about, and I was right. I wrote this whole thing up in a single day, that is how much I love Game of Thrones. Warning though, if you haven't played the game and are planning to I suggest doing that first before reading this. These games are 99% story ...
  2. Arya Stark actress to star in The Last of Us movie?

    Only my second article on the job and I got to talk about one of my favorite Game of Throne actresses.


    First it's Russian/Ukraine politics following me, now it's Game of Thrones. What's next? Doctor Who?

    ...Watch my next article be about Doctor Who somehow.