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  1. How voting is immoral

    Consider the scenario where you have the problem of wanting to give me access to your money. You can do this in two methods. First, you could give me your ATM card and your pin number. Second, you could give me power of attorney. Either way is completely possible and straightforward - you have something, and you give me access to it. You could do the same with property, or with ideas that you own (you could give me explanations or documentation related to your idea, or simply tell me your ...

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  2. Triple Triad

    ...much more fun than I was expecting.

    Now that I think of it, it may have been the best part of FF8, too...I tend to shut FF8 out of my mind.

    Got laid off about an hour ago. A bit depressed, but tomorrow will be better!

    Where should I start looking for my new job?
  4. Almost a month of #EyesonFF on DeviantArt

    Good news everybody! Our DeviantArt group is almost 1 month old, and we now have 30 members! Most of them are not yet members of the forums, but I've updated our Welcome! message to encourage our new members in the group to register and join EoFF! So hopefully that means we may see a couple newbies straight from DA! Isn't that exciting?
  5. Status Report

    9 more data gathering phases in Operation: Wanker. Taking a break, will resume Tuesday.
  6. i made another one

    photoshop wasnt working :/ so i made the derpina through a ragemaker thing on a site :o

    Check my new bad ass derpina fb cover

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Derpinafb.png 
Views:	171 
Size:	499.5 KB 
ID:	37358
    Derpina: Supporting and helping the resident evil 6 team with a shotgun
  7. Status Report

    12 more data gathering phases left in Operation: Wanker.

    I know nobody actually cares about status reports, but if I don't make them I'll be tempted to be lazy and not work on it and then the project will never be complete.

    No maintenance today!

    We're having ribs tonight!
  9. Emergency maintenances make me sad

    I get the feeling that FFXI will have another emergency maintenance tomorrow, and once again, it is sure to start as soon as I get out of bed and end once it's too late for me to play. I'm also ready to take a break from the drudgework in Operation: Wanker, at least for a day or two.

    So, if this happens, is there anybody other than crusty oldbies who would give a rodent's hindquarters if I did another EoFF Audio Introduction?

    It's been 10 years since I've done one, ...
  10. Merde

    Maintenance spanning all of my available playtime in FFXI again.

    Looks like S-E wants me to work on Operation Wanker.
    Final Fantasy