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  1. HEY-O!

    I'm thinking about studying abroad. Know any good broads?
  2. Stuffs happening.

    Ho hum. Apparently something is coming up so the new plan for the Video Game Babes of the Week has been modified somewhat! Neocracker managed to get us an account solely for the blogging purposes for this for the Babekeepers to use to update the blog! How exciting is that? Now we need an appropriate icon to use as its avatar.

  3. I Aim to Misbehave

    So I got myself a copy of PCStitch Pro. Check it out.

    Get the pattern here.

    P.S. If you don't get the reference do us all a favor and jump off something. Or watch Firefly/Serenity.
  4. What I'll be blogging about.

    I have been thinking about this for the last few days, and I think I will mainly be blogging about two things!

    1. Treasures & Adventures
    2. Games reviews, mainly horror.

    1. Treasures and Adventures.
    I love mysteries, I like exploring things and investigating things. Sadly, this is not very common things in every day life, in fact it only ever happens in movies and games. So since nobody will give me anything to solve, I will give it to them. I've had ...
  5. It's coming...

    Well now that EoFF has blogs, I've decided to use mine for the purpose of updating the VG Babes of the Week, since I believe it would make more sense to use a blog rather than an ongoing thread. Besides, the thread is starting to slowly die down as it is, so this would be a good opportunity to introduce it into the blogs. Before I start updating my blog with its first babe, I figure to give the thread a week before moving on. Figure I give it the rest of the month to give it one last hurrah. Not ...
  6. Mognet Messaging

    I found while cleaning through my inbox that private message titles usually fall into a few specific categories.

    There are the greetings: Hello! Hi! Heya, hiya, hey, yo, holla, and HEY YOU, hey there, harro, sup playa!

    I have a ton of those. Followed next by the non-word titles:

    =), >=(, !!!!, ????, ^_^, : mad2 :

    And then there are plenty of the random ones: Antlers, lizard, horseback riding, krøll, "Today I saw a guy wearing a t-shirt ...

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