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    Hi DeadRinger1986,

    Thanks for keeping up with my blogs.

    For FFX, I am playing remaster.

    For FF1 + FF2, I played the PSP ports.

    FF3-FF9, I played the Steam Ports. I think FF6 was the worse port, literally just the mobile version ported to Steam. FFIV was the remaster, and it was very challenging, but in the end I was able to beat it. It's been awhile since I have played FF3 but it was pretty interesting. There were some game mechanics that made a lot of sense to use certain classes over others. It kind of pushed you to think about your upcoming fights if you've failed.

    My only thoughts on IV were two particular bosses I've had difficulty with. The remaster was very challenging but overall, if you were creative, and smart with your decision making, you could make it through. I think the only reason why I won both fights was because of RNG and not good decision making. Whatever the reason was, I was able to get through them and beat the game.

    I'm not very savvy with all the game mechanics but I think I'd probably do a lot better my second time through. I think that's how I was able to improve myself in Final Fantasy VII.

    I've also played Chrono Trigger and I think that's a fantastic game that still holds up today. I was also a big fan of Chrono Cross too which I am surprised not a lot of people really liked.

    Looking forward to hearing about your journey with your game catalog.