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  1. Operation Wanker: RELEASED!

    I don't like it when wankers drift on my seas.
    Video Games

    Looks like I was prematurely exultant.

    I have to restart Operation: Wanker from the beginning.

    I'm going to do it in Linux this time -- I'll boot into 'doze to play FFXI on my days off, and *only* do O:W on work days.

    Never mind, fixed long as the end result is viewed in a fully-HTML5-and-W3C compliant browser, which at the present time means only Chrome and Safari.

    I'd rather make people use a different browser than re-download over 1,500 ...

    Updated 10-11-2012 at 07:58 AM by Citizen Bleys


    Data aquisition phase of Operation: Wanker: complete!

    Now all I have left to do is get everything uploaded (ugh filename collisions inbound) and do the actual coding, which is expected to be a cakewalk.

    Not necessarily less time consuming, but certainly more fun.

    ((Yes I know I said I was doing all updates in my last blog post, but this is a phase completion and the end is in sight!))
  4. So I'm that special kind of poor.

    5 years ago, if you'd told me I would own a house, hardly do any living in it for the first year, suffer the next 4 years with a illness that made the house a sort of crutch and then sell it and live with someone else again, I'd probably laugh. I'd probably tell you to shut up.

    Then again 5 years ago I didn't know obviously how life truly can turn you upside down and ring you through.

    We sold our house 2 weeks ago, the closing was on a Friday and we got to spend one more ...
  5. Adventures on Drawception.

  6. Busy, busy, busy.

    Argh. I have been majorly frustrated these past couple of weeks. I actually wanted to apologise to the staff for being so absent. I really am sorry!

    The reason why I've not cropped up lately is because I've returned to university now. Basically, I am in the second year and have a tremendous amount of work to do and a two hour commute. So, it's work, shower, sleep.

    I just feel horrid that I got Editor, now I've disappeared for two weeks T_T

    HOWEVER. New project ...
  7. no bike?

    last night i was on youtube when i came across a 'home' video of a singer relearnig how to ride a bike.

    and i was thinking: How can you not ride a bike?

    its the first free transportation you will get in life.
    it doesnt require a drivers lisence, and its cheap!
    when you're around 16 you can do 10 years with a bike, maybe even longer.

    so shame on you!! if you cant ride a bike :O
  8. OW Status Report

    Data gathering: 8 phases remaining
    had tech issues yesterday so played triple triad instead of working on it.

    EDIT: In retrospect, I really should have called this Operation: Storm Goat.

    EDIT2: Since no blog entries have been posted since this one, I'm just going to edit in tonight's update. 6 phases remaining, and I think I've worked out a way to avoid the data entry phase and jump straight to coding.

    Actually, you know what? I'm just going to edit ...

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  9. How voting is immoral

    Consider the scenario where you have the problem of wanting to give me access to your money. You can do this in two methods. First, you could give me your ATM card and your pin number. Second, you could give me power of attorney. Either way is completely possible and straightforward - you have something, and you give me access to it. You could do the same with property, or with ideas that you own (you could give me explanations or documentation related to your idea, or simply tell me your ...

    Updated 10-04-2012 at 05:26 AM by Peegee

  10. Triple Triad

    ...much more fun than I was expecting.

    Now that I think of it, it may have been the best part of FF8, too...I tend to shut FF8 out of my mind.