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  1. This is dedicated to all Oldies

    by , 05-10-2022 at 09:29 PM (This can be a foot to the lame.)
    Quote Originally Posted by Yamaneko View Post
    Just discovered "Blog this post" feature.
  2. My Retrogame Museum

    Game Gear

    Game Boy Light Pokemon Center

    Game Boy Light Tezuka

    Video Games
  3. Atelier Collection

  4. Oh yeah these things existed. I hate the other 3 I made, but I'll keep up the theme.

    Yeah I gonna try college for the 3rd time, last 2 times smurfed up, but I'm an old man now so think I've learned to calm down a bit more. It's a relatively low level course, but I suppose it is a step up from waiting for die to happen because you got no purpose aye.

    Got ma own money this time, and mental health medicine too. Yes I finally did it after 3000 years, went to a doctor, woaow. Mum wasn't much help, just had to grit it and do it maself. I did have a job but things fell through ...
  5. I have infiltrated the Discord server

    No one has noticed so far.
  6. Hi

  7. Thanks for the spectrum of memories!

    I have been on this site for a long time now, not as long as some of you, but long enough.

    I had a great time, EoFF being an outlet for me during some of my times spent under duress. People have changed, I have changed, it's all good.

    See you later EoFF.

    Hi everyone,

    If I've learned anything, it's that this site is for gamers, not for readers. This is not the site to go to for written art and to expect any support. In which case I am taking my work to greener pastures, to an audience who can do more in life than just twiddle their thumbs and stare mindlessly at screens. For anyone who truly had any interest, I'm sorry. I will not be posting any more of my book on EyesonFF and will be shutting down my blog page.

    Guess ...
  9. An update on what I have been up to and summer plans

    Hello everyone!

    This one might be a doozy, and there are some parts in here that talk about the loss of a couple of family members.

    Since, I made a post in the Let's Play category, I've decided to refocus this space into a behind the scenes kind of area. Honestly, I think it is more for me than for other people because it helps me document my experience with Final Fantasy and life. At this point, it's just me writing just to write so I can keep refining my skills to write. ...
  10. Rémy's Video Game Journal #2 (Final Fantasy XIV, Kingdom Hearts)

    Hello, everyone! I played a bit of Final Fantasy XIV today. There’s a holiday event going on right now, so that’s what I did. When most MMOs do holiday events, I find them to be underwhelming, and generally a waste of time. But Final Fantasy XIV has some fun ones. The event quests are always small in scope, but they usually tell fun and heartwarming stories. This event, Valentione’s and Little Ladies' Day, is no exception. I helped Elyne, a young girl who wants to be an adventurer, deliver sweets ...
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