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    I'm not sure you understand. People who are polyamorous and pursue relationships of that type don't all date the same people. It's not like if I had a girlfriend and I also wanted to have a boyfriend that my girlfriend is also dating my boyfriend. That can be a thing people do but it doesn't have to be and it's probably not the case in most polyamorous relationships. I'll say it again that cheating is just violating an established boundary in a relationship. So if I had a girlfriend and we were both fine with the other dating or sleeping with other people on the condition they tell us they are and don't hide it from the other person, it would then be cheating if one hides the fact that they have another partner.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Slothy
    Certainly. But I see a lot of people conflate cheating with non-monogamous relationships and I feel the distinction is important, especially as polyamorous relationships become more common and more talked about. People can be in a non-monogamous relationship and still cheat just as cheating isn't a non-monogamous relationship structure.

    Ultimately cheating is cheating in any relationship paradigm as it's really just violating relationship boundaries set between the parties involved.
    But how do you separate cheating in a polyamorous relationship? If you don't like the partner that you partner has chosen to sleep with, now is that cheating?

    So technically, your relationship choice is no longer what you are attracted to, but what your partner is.
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    That makes sense and thanks!
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    BbS is definitely one of the strongest entries in the series and I agree with a lot of what you said. I really loved the command deck Iím quite happy that it got more attention both with 3D and re:coded. And I do appreciate that it is by far the bleakest entry in the series.
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    Congrats on finishing the game! Gau is only underleveled if you happen to leave him on the Veldt and go level somewhere else. Characters only scale their level to the party when they leave for story purposes.