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  1. First 2 Chapters to my Fan Fiction Posted

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    Hi guys, I've posted the first 2 chapters of my book online. You can read them on

    If you'd like to leave feedback, feel free to. You can leave feedback here on Eyes on FF or on my Blog page. Thanks in advance for any and all support.
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  2. Final Fantasy 7 Gondola date night crash

    So I've been playing ff7 for about a week and a bit now and I'm still on disc 1. I'm up to the part where you go on a date with Aeris during the second visit to gold saucer. Every time i get up to the part on the Gondola ride it just bails during the cut scene where the fireworks are going off and i cant seem to get past it. I'm playing the original ps1 version on a ps2 slim and i really want to at least get past this point because It's doing my head in I've tried many things but none of ...