• Eyes on EoFF: Number #43!

    Another bumper week for you guys to gorge yourselves on! There's an exciting new development that I will talk to you about later in the article, together with the usual mix of outstanding threads, opinions, music and artwork.

    Also, Early Access for XIV:ARR started earlier today! If you aren't eligible for Early Access however, don't worry, official release is starting on the 27th of August. Just a few more days left guys!

    Hoping You Had A Chocotastic Day...
    Absolutely No-One!

    Quote Of The Week
    Last Week's Quote: Galuf from FFV

    "Even if the world becomes your enemy...I'll be your knight, I'll protect you."

    • As stated previously, there's an exciting new development going on. You may have heard of Twitch: it's essentially a website where you can stream your video game sessions live, complete with commentary. Well, a few of our members already have accounts, like Aexoden's or Vivi22's feed. But starting now, EoFF is hosting it's own account! Indeed, it's been set up by Aulayna to ensure that rather than just talking about video games, we can watch video games be played as well! You can find the official EoFF Twitch channel here. Keep tabs, for it'll be hosting plenty of Let's Plays!
    • Speaking of which, the EoFF Twitch channel is hosting Shorty and Vivi22's Let's Play of Fallout: New Vegas. Watch them slaughter human beings and chose sides as they...erm... ah... I don't even know the game, so I can't really give a overview - I'm sure you know the gist of the Fallout games right?
    • Carrying on his recent tradition for Let's Plays, Vivi22 is hosting and running a Formula 1 Let's Play on his twitch account! While he's already begun playing, and the first of his videos is up, there's still space on the roster to impersonate a world famous F1 driver!
    • Do you like cars? Most of you probably own a car. If you do, then head on over to the Car thread! EoFFers are sharing their pride and joys to each other. You can also reminisce about all those lovely roadside stories as well, as well as discuss what your dream car would be.
    • Rostum's done it again! This time, a very good rendition of "This Is Your Home" from FFXIII. While I don't like the original, this cover really helps raise it up to be a very admirable piece! Make sure to show more support for Rostum so he'll feel inspired to produce even more stunning covers!
    • Googling your name is apparently a vain and shameless pastime, but that's not stopping these EoFFers from doing just that! In the thread, discuss all about the horrors of internet privacy and how little you seemingly have of it. Can you find your own profile just by googling your name? You'd be surprised.
    • Finally, a note on charity! How much charity do you do? With our busy lives (that aren't all sunk into video gaming) it's sometimes hard to look within our hearts to just give up some time, money, or both to lend a helping hand to the community. Heck, it doesn't even have to be as wide as that - even helping out a friend in need can be considered charity. In the Charity thread, discuss all about what you've done for charity, and how it's empowered you! Also in that thread, check out the opening post. Iceglow, or Steve as he is more regularly known, is abseiling down Battersea Power Station for Cancer Research UK. It's a fantastic cause and even better, it's going to be filmed!

    Quote Originally Posted by This week's member suggestion courtesy of Shauna!
    I guess the F1 Let's Play, because people need to know about it so they can sign up.
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    1. Scotty_ffgamer's Avatar
      Scotty_ffgamer -
      The quote of the week is definitely (SPOILER) Squall from FFVIII . Recognized that one immediately.
    1. Rostum's Avatar
      Rostum -
      Thanks again for mentioning another song. I'll continue to keep working on more when I have time.
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