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    Eyes on Final Fantasy is a comprehensive resource and fan-based community focusing on the Final Fantasy series produced by Square Enix. From gaming news, opinion pieces and feature articles to daily polls, art showcases, community events and contests, and much more - you're sure to find something you love.

    It all started in 1999 when Sean Robinson originally created a Final Fantasy VII EZBoard fansite named The Highwind as an homage for a game he loved so well. The site name soon changed to Eyes on Final Fantasy, and now, under the ownership of Daniel Towns, it still operates as one of the oldest and largest Final Fantasy fansites today. Check out the Kotaku article featuring both Sean and Daniel and an in-depth overview of how the site that changed thousands of lives all began.

    Eyes on Final Fantasy strives to be a fun, wholesome community centered around the gaming series that has touched each of our lives in its own respective way. It's a place to engage in silliness and seriousness with equal measure, a place to discuss news and media, get personal things off your chest in a safe environment, and talk about games old and new, Final Fantasy or otherwise. Members find their niches in forums or the chatroom, and sometimes both! We put on various exciting events throughout the year that take place in both in the forums and chatroom, including our ever-popular semi-annual community awards based on membership and performance of the prior six months. Sometimes we give away awesome prizes like video games, geeky memorabilia and collectibles, unique handmade items you won't find anywhere else, and once in a while we might have a gaming console to bestow upon a very lucky winner.

    We have registered members who come from the four corners of the world, many of which have traveled long distances to meet each other after maintaining years of online contact. Eyes on Final Fantasy can be credited as directly responsible for dozens of partnerships, at least eight marriages, four babies, and countless friendships. It is a place many would consider their home away from home, and there is an inexplicable element that keeps members coming back year after year, no matter how long they've been away. Is it the atmosphere, the deep discussions and loads of memories, the familiarity you can feel with someone you just met? The community itself? The collective place in our hearts for the games that brought us all together?

    Whatever it is that keeps members returning, this for certain - Eyes on Final Fantasy is its own unique community where one can engage in meaningful conversation, create memories, and make friendships that could last a lifetime. There is no place else on earth like it, online or off.

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